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Brits Love Royalty When It Comes To Naming Babies

| 17.04.2019

Trends for the most popular baby names for each year are often inspired by celebrity and popular culture. With this in mind, We at Coral have compiled the top lists to see what currently impacts these choices. It was no surprise that one of the biggest influences for new parents is characters from the masters of childhood enchantment – Disney Studios. You may, however, be surprised to hear that another world famous establishment takes the lead over Disney inspired names, the British Royal Family!

With Harry a consistently popular name for boys, and Charlotte climbing the ranks for girls, one thing is for certain, the British public love royalty! With several out of the 100 most popular baby names featuring either Disney or real-life royal’s names – many of our nation’s newest bundles of joy are set to be baby princes and princesses. Check out our predictions and odds and see if your guess is on the list from our Sportsbook!

Girls Names

Research from Bounty showed that 5 out of the top 100 girls names are shared with beloved Disney heroines, from classics such as Alice, to the more unusual Aurora and Jasmine. As Disney continues their trend of creating live-action remakes from their animated archives, we could expect to see Jasmine climb the ranks, or perhaps a new generation of little Ariels, or even Nalas for 2019!

Royal names topped these stats with 6 out of 100. Elizabeth and Victoria remain traditional favourites as the longest reigning British monarchs in history. Princess inspired Charlotte, Katie, and Beatrice also feature. As of yet, Meghan has not risen over the past couple of years, but this could be set to change as the Duchess Of Sussex is expecting her first child with Prince Harry this year.

Should the new royal baby be a girl, the name they choose will likely influence the list too, with the possible presence of any middle names the Royals opt for.

Here are our top 100 list of girls names:

1.Olivia 2.Amelia 3.Isla 4.Emily 5.Ava 6.Lily 7.Mia 8.Sophia 9.Isabella 10.Grace
11.Poppy 12.Ella 13.Evie 14.Charlotte 15.Jessica 16.Daisy 17.Sophie 18.Freya 19.Alice 20.Sienna
21.Ivy 22.Harper 23.Ruby 24.Isabelle 25.Willow 26.Phoebe 27.Evelyn 28.Scarlett 29.Chloe 30.Florence
31.Elsie 32.Millie 33.Layla 34.Matilda 35.Rosie 36.Esme 37.Eva 38.Lucy 39.Aria 40.Ellie
41.Sofia 42.Masie 43.Erin 44.Lola 45.Lilly 46.Thea 47.Imogen 48.Eliza 49.Bella 50.Molly
51.Hannah 52.Emma 53.Violet 54.Luna 55.Amber 56.Lottie 57.Darcie 58.Maya 59.Georgia 60.Elizabeth
61.Zara 62.Penelope 63.Holly 64.Nancy 65.Rosie 66.Emila 67.Harriet 68.Gracie 69.Darcy 70.Mila
71.Orla 72.Abigail 73.Jasmine 74.Eleanor 75.Anna 76.Summer 77.Robyn 78.Lexi 79.Heidi 80.Annabelle
81.Maria 82.Aurora 83.Leah 84.Darcey 85.Victoria 86.Hallie 87.Martha 88.Amelie 89.Katie 90.Bonnie
91.Arabella 92.Lacey 93.Annie 94.Niamh 95.Lyla 96.Iris 97.Zoey 98.Clara 99.Maddison 100.Meghan


Boys Names

As far as boys names are concerned, Disney movies have less impact. Sebastian and Arthur have a Disney presence, but no lead character names from the studio’s recent movie archive make a showing. This could be because Disney has factored the massive popularity of their heroines into their choice of releases or perhaps that many of their male lead characters have very culturally specific names from around the world. Or maybe we’re just less likely to name our babies after a cute animal character instead of a human one?

The Royal influence, however, is strong with 5 out of 100. Harry topped the possible choices, coming second on our list, followed by Edward ranking at 31. Despite the nation’s love of both Disney, and Royal names, the one boy’s name to cross-over both categories did not feature at all -neither the real or fictional Prince Phillip has had any effect on the popularity of their shared name!

If the royal baby is male, and Harry decides to honor his grandfather by naming him Phillip, this name could still make a comeback!

Here are our top 100 list of boys names:

1.Oliver 2.Harry 3.Jack 4.George 5.Noah 6.Charlie 7.Jacob 8.Alfie 9.Freddie 10.Oscar
11.Leo 12.Logan 13.Archie 14.Theo 15.Thomas 16.James 17.Joshua 18.Henry 19.William 20.Max
21.Lucas 22.Ethan 23.Arthur 24.Mason 25.Isaac 26.Harrison 27.Teddy 28.Finlay 29.Daniel 30.Riley
31.Edward 32.Joseph 33.Alexander 34.Adam 35.Reggie 36.Samuel 37.Jaxon 38.Sebastian 39.Elijah 40.Harley
41.Toby 42.Arlo 43.Dylan 44.Jude 45.Benjamin 46.Rory 47.Tommy 48.Jake 49.Louie 50.Carter
51.Jenson 52.Hugo 53.Bobby 54.Frankie 55.Ollie 56.Zachary 57.David 58.Albie 59.Lewis 60.Luca
61.Ronnie 62.Jackson 63.Matthew 64.Alex 65.Harvey 66.Reuben 67.Jayden 68.Caleb 69.Hunter 70.Theodore
71.Nathan 72.Blake 73.Luke 74.Elliot 75.Roman 76.Stanley 77.Dexter 78.Michael 79.Elliott 80.Tyler
81.Ryan 82.Ellis 83.Finn 84.Albert 85.Kai 86.Liam 87.Callum 88.Louis 89.Aaron 90.Ezra
91.Leon 92.Connor 93.Grayson 94.Jamie 95.Aiden 96.Gabriel 97.Austin 98.Lincoln 99.Eli 100.Ben


Royal Predictions

As Meghan nears her due date for the latest royal baby to join the Windsor clan, the question of the gender and name are a hot topic of debate for both the public and the press. To add to the fun, Coral have compiled the predictions for the top 50 baby names for 2019, with Harry and Meghan’s choices in mind. Will the couple follow the traditional route in the footsteps of Will and Kate by choosing from the list of past royals? Will they choose the public’s favourite bet, by deciding to honour the late Princess Diana, or perhaps Meghan will want to pick the name of a close family member of her own?

As Harry and Meghan are considered the most modern thinking of the young royals generation, it is possible they will choose a more American name for their firstborn as a symbol of Meghan’s nationality, or something wholly unpredictable!



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