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Buyers Guide to Slot Machines

| 01.10.2017

Ever wondered how you can play an unlimited number of games on a slot machine and not lose a penny? Buy your own slot machine of course! Satisfy your game cravings, play any time you want, and if the house wins? You win! It’s a win-win situation.

Here we list your slot machine options and take you through our buyers guide for players looking to enjoy the game in the comfort of their own home.

Coral Vegas slots

Know your slots

Before you start searching for slot machines for sale, it’s best to know what’s out there. From the vintage to the modern, there’s a whole range of slots to choose from.

 Coral Vegas slots Antique/Classic slots

Classic slots first appeared in 1895 and remain popular to this day due to the simple, fast-paced nature of the game. This traditional machine uses an intricate inner mechanism to spin physical reels that can have as many as 10-32 symbols on each one. Depending on its age and design, classic slot machines have a lever on the side to start the reels spinning. Some classic slots are known as “one arm bandits” due to the lever feature. The player wins when three identical symbols match up.

 Coral Vegas slots Advanced 3-Reel

A simple step up from the classic slots, 3 reel slot machines have the same number of reels as their older counterpart except they are slightly more advanced. They come with multiple (but optional) pay lines and therefore are considered more exciting to play. They may also feature a button to start the reels spinning instead of a lever.

 Coral Vegas slots Fruit Machines

Another three-reel type of game, fruit machines are possibly the nations favourite slot machine. These machines have masses of bonus game options and extra features, many of which can be triggered during one single spin.

Coral Vegas slots Video Machines

In the 1970’s slot machines evolved from mechanics to electronics and were revolutionised with a video component. The first video slot machine hit casino floors in 1975, and continued to gain in popularity throughout the 80’s. Video slots have digital spinning reels displayed on a screen and a spin button that is pressed to spin the reels.

As the name suggests, the machines incorporate video imagery, which opens up the slot machine to a new world of bet options, pay lines and themes.  This video technology also enabled the introduction of bonus games, free spins and progressive jackpots, turning slots into the online slot it is today.

Coral Vegas slots

What to look for

Slot machines for sale usually become available to the public once they have been retired from casinos. So you can expect your second-hand machine to exhibit some wear and tear. Many pre-owned slot machines come with their own mechanical and electrical problems, so make sure you are fully aware of the machine’s condition before you make a purchase.

Experienced sellers will tend to refurbish slot machines before they sell them, however you may be able to find a slot machine at a cheaper price if you’re willing to repair any faults yourself.

One of the most common issues surrounding pre-owned slot machines is a faulty acceptor (the slot where the coins are inserted). This often becomes an issue when players insert the wrong coinage into the machine and it gets jammed. With the right tools and care, the machine can be taken apart and the acceptor can be cleaned. Other common problems include faulty batteries and failed light bulbs, but spare parts and accessories can be bought from specialist suppliers.

Coral Vegas slots

Budget help

Although it is possible to buy brand new slot machines, you can expect to pay nearly twice as much as you would pay for a second-hand model. The price for a slot machine can vary based on certain criteria, such as the type of slot machine, the manufacturer, the game title, quality of the hardware or whether the machine has been restored.

The more original parts a slot machine has, the more value it holds. This is particularly true for antique slots. Most antique machines have been refurbished, which involves taking the machines apart to clean and re-lubricate all the internal workings. Only a reputable antique slots machine dealer should then replace all damaged or lost parts before reassembling the machine.

Care must be taken when purchasing restored slots. In the more modern machines, inexperienced restorers often remove the mechanical guts and replace them with electrical mechanisms. Although it may operate fine, the machine may lose its appeal to collectors who would pay more for an unrestored machine. If you’re looking to buy slot machine that you can play on for fun and which adds a certain ambience to a room, then a restored version will cost less than one prized for its collectability.

There are often many extra costs that need to be accounted for when purchasing a slot machine. Along with the price of repairs and lost components, machines may need to be serviced over time. This is particularly true for battery-operated machines. Take into consideration the size of the machine and the shipping charges.

Coral Vegas slots

The take-home notes

 Coral Vegas slots  Coral Vegas slots  Coral Vegas slots
Even vintage machines in good working order can be a lot of fun to play, but if you’re looking for a more glamorous spectacle to play free play slots games that offers more by way of excitement, then you may wish to opt for a 5-reel or a fruit machine. Only fork out for something that is going to keep you happy. Do your research and make sure you’re buying what has been advertised. If you’re looking to purchase a vintage slot, be sure that it comes with the appropriate documents. Don’t be put off by minor damage. Although the inner workings of the machine might look complicated, most of the common issues can be easily fixed. You could find a bargain by taking on a repair job.

Coral Vegas slots

Download our Free Buyers Guide to Slot Machines

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