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Find Classic Slot Machines

| 03.10.2017

The thrill of the next spin of the wheel along with the lights, sounds and graphics, is enough to leave you wanting to play on a slot machine for hours. Personally owning your own slot machine is a great way to play for free and enjoy endless evenings playing slots. 

There’s an array of slot machines for sale in the UK for you to choose from, including antique collectors items, classic 3-reel slot machines, and even the more advanced video and progressive slot games. Whatever you fancy, you can find a valuable piece of machinery that not only looks great but offers limitless gaming opportunities.

Coral Vegas slots

The Appeal of Vintage Slots

Coral Vegas slots

Most antique slot machines were purely mechanical in operation. The focus was put on to the entertainment factor rather than winning money. For many slot machine enthusiasts, the fascination of these machines is not in the thrill of winning, but rather in the machine itself. These players are not interested in the bright lights of contemporary video machines, and subsequently put their efforts into restoring and collecting the old ones.

Vintage machines usually come on the market when they’re old and in need of repair. All it takes is dedication and a little know-how to fix up a diamond in the rough. If this is the case, you can often find them at a bargain price through online marketplace sites. However, restored vintage machines are usually sold by specialist dealers and can fetch a large price tag.

Coral Vegas slots

Determining slot machine values

If you’re looking to find a genuine antique slot machine to decorate your home, then you have to be prepared for a big investment.

Once you have found a machine you like, do all you can to research the model. Try and find out:

  • The serial number
  • The manufacturer
  • The number of original parts
  • The number of replacement parts
  • Whether the machine still has a cash box
  • Condition of the machine
  • Appearance of the machine
  • Certificate of authenticity

The more collectable and valuable machines will still have the majority of its original parts. A genuine antique machine should have a serial number, unlike a reproduction slot machine. Before you commit to buying, ensure the dealer gives you a certificate of authenticity.

Coral Vegas slots

Restored machines

Extra care and attention should be taken when purchasing restored slot machines, particularly vintage, pre-electronic slots. Inexperienced restorers often remove the mechanical workings and replace them with electrical mechanisms to be able to sell them as ‘working’ machines.  Even though they may look good, they will not hold the value of an unrestored game. Even inoperable, un-restored machines hold more value.

If you have the opportunity be sure to inspect the slot machine you are about to buy in person. All reputable vendors will let you come to the showroom or warehouse to let you see the game you are buying.

Coral Vegas slots

Coral Vegas slots

Finding classic slot machines online

Classic slot machine games are also available online. The 3-reel casino games were the first to emerge online due to their simplicity. Nowadays most betting sites offer the more modern online slots games that feature enhanced visual effects, advanced game-play options and action packed animation.

If you’re after the classic games, then don’t worry, many providers including betting sites such as Coral offer an array of slots to suit all players. Even some of the oldest manufacturers of slot machines such as Bally and Microgaming offer the traditional slot online games too. Simply choose from the many available, sit back, and have fun!



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