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Shearer Says: “I’ll never replace the buzz of playing”

| 22.09.2017

Premier League legend reflects on his playing days

When you retire from football, the one thing I’d say above all else is that the sooner you realise and accept you are never getting that adrenalin rush back, then the better and quicker you can handle it. 

It’s why some ex-players get into trouble, not being able to replace that buzz.

Rio Ferdinand has had a tough time recently and he said himself, this Boxing chance is giving him something to focus his mind on and if he feels this will be good for him then go for it.

First and foremost I hope he will stay safe.

I’m doing a documentary on dementia and how many people suffer from ‘boxers’ brain’, having taken repeated blows to the head, so I hope the experts protect him.

He could certainly have chosen something easier! He looks in great shape so I won’t be getting in the ring with him but if he wants to challenge me at golf I’ll take him on!

That brilliant buzz

I’m not sure you ever get over losing the buzz that football, or other sports, gives people.

That buzz of walking out in front of a packed St James’s Park, scoring goals.

Even the training – for 20 years that was part of my life.

And for many players it’s very, very difficult to come to terms with losing that, they go chasing that buzz in other ways and that can cause them problems.

I’m fortunate in that I still get a buzz from doing live TV, but I’m one of the lucky ones, there are loads of players that aren’t able to do that.



Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer played his entire career at the top level of English football, winning the Premier League title with Blackburn in 1994-95. The following summer he signed for his hometown club, Newcastle United, for a then world record £15 million fee.

He ended his playing career with a record 260 Premier League goals, which still stands today. He also won 63 caps for England, including 34 as captain, and among his 30 international goals were five scored at Euro 96, a total that won him the Golden Boot at that tournament.

Now the chief pundit on Match Of The Day, Alan was one of the first two players inducted into the Premier League Hall Of Fame this year.