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Coral’s Transfer Deadline Day XI

| 31.08.2017

The closing days of transfer windows have seen clubs make invaluable signings, as well as some expensive mistakes.

We have studied those who’ve moved last-minute (either on transfer deadline day, or just before) and put together our perfect eleven of those who signed in the eleventh hour.

Here is our fantasy XI featuring top players who were snapped up just before the window closed.

Transfer Deadline Day XI


Wayne Rooney – Secondary Striker

Man United’s £25.6m deadline day signing of 18-year-old Rooney in 2004 raised a few questions at the time. 559 appearances and 253 goals later, Rooney was undoubtedly worth the money.

Rooney has since returned to his previous club Everton, but he will always remain in the Man U history books with more goals than Sir Bobby Charlton.

In our ideal late signings team, we’d have Rooney scoring goals as a secondary striker.

Luis Suárez – Centre Forward

carroll suarez

After Torres left Liverpool, Kenny Dalglish purchased two last-minute replacements at the end of the winter 2010/2011 transfer window. Suárez came from AFC Ajax to the Premier League with a transfer fee of £23.85m, which was cheap in comparison to his new teammate Andy Carroll’s hefty £36.90m price tag.

Despite being the cheaper player, Suárez impressed during his three-year tenure with The Reds before FC Barcelona later paid £73.55m for his move to Spain.

Placing him upfront as another goal scorer would see our imaginary club climb up the table.

Sadio Mané – Left Wing

Liverpool purchased Mané from Southampton last season with a £37.08m transfer fee. Before that, the Saints had paid a £20.7m transfer fee to Red Bull Salzburg in 2014. However, neither of these were on deadline day.

Mané’s close-to-wire swap came with a fee of just £3.6m when Salzburg snapped him up on the 31st of August, 2012 from FC Metz. Since then, the left winger’s market value has gone up and up, and it’s no surprise when he continues to play the way he does.

Even when missing part of the season due to injury, Mané still won Liverpool Player of the Season for 16/17. And that is exactly why we want him on our perfect line-up.

Mesut Özil – Attacking Midfielder

Özil joined Arsenal on a 5-year deal after spending several years at Real Madrid. His deadline day transfer to the Gunners in September 2013 cost £42.4m and smashed the club’s record by a massive £27.4m.

However, like Arsène Wenger, not every Arsenal fan is convinced of his worth. But, when Özil is on form, he is a sensational midfielder.

There have been rumours that Özil wants to leave Arsenal. If true, he’s more than welcome to join our fantasy squad.

Gareth Bale – Right Wing


Gareth Bale’s transfer was only one day before the summer window closed in 2013. This was another last-minute deal that came with a huge price tag.

Real Madrid’s purchase of Bale from Tottenham came with a whopping £90.9m transfer fee. At the time, this broke the world record, which has since been beaten by Pogba and Neymar.

Bale may be one of the world’s most expensive footballers but we’d stump up the cash for this attacker to join our team.

Joe Hart – Goalkeeper

Goalkeepers don’t always get the credit they deserve, but their success can make or break a team.

Man City have often loaned out Jo Hart. When he first joined the club, he was back-and-forth between teams before settling at City for six straight years from 2010 onwards. He was then transferred from The Sky Blues in a deadline day deal with Torino on the 31st of August, 2016. Currently, Hart will be at West Ham until the end of May next year.

Hart’s market value may have fallen in recent years but as England’s first-choice goalkeeper, he still has the skills to save our side.

Dele Alli – Attacking Midfield

Alli was signed by Tottenham on the 2nd of February, 2015 for £4.5m, before being transferred back to his original team MK Dons on loan the very next day.

Despite this unusual start, Alli has been a key part of Spurs’s line-up since joining full-time after the end of his four-month loan.

The midfielder was relatively unknown when he was signed by Tottenham, but he was a wise purchase. We’re sure a transfer to our eleven would be just as smart.

Danny Rose – Left-back

Rose has had a bumpy start to this season after a controversial interview. This fuelled rumours of a transfer, with Chelsea reportedly wanting to snap up Rose. 

The left-back has been with Spurs since 2007 when he moved up from the Leeds United U18 squad. However, despite this, he has been repeatedly loaned to other clubs – a notable move being his deadline day transfer to Sunderland in 2012.

Since the end of that loan, Rose has remained with The Lilywhites. He may be out on injury but if he was looking to move again (temporarily or permanently), he’d be a great addition to our last-minute wonders.

David Luiz – Centre-back

David Luiz

Luiz became Chelsea’s comeback kid after the defender was bought back from Paris Saint-Germain two years after his original transfer.

Luiz was purchased by Chelsea from Benfica in 2011 for £22.5m before leaving for Paris Saint-Germaine for a fee of £44.5m in July 2014. Just two years later and, on the summer transfer window deadline day, Chelsea were pining for their centre-back so bought Luiz to the tune of £31.5m.

If we could get Luiz on our line-up, we’d be sure to never let him go.

Branislav Ivanović – Centre-back

Back in the 2008 winter transfer window, Chelsea paid £10.8m to get their hands on Ivanović from Loko Moscow. After almost a decade with The Pensioners, Ivanović moved on to FC Zenit Saint Petersburg at the close of the 2016/2017 January window. His transfer fee? There wasn’t one.

When Ivanovic left Stamford Bridge, he was the Blues’ second-longest serving player after John Terry. Despite being 33, there are still hopes that Ivanovic will continue to play for Zenit for years to come after signing a two-and-a-half-year deal.

The defensive centre-back is always welcome to join our fictional formation.

Mathieu Debuchy – Right-back

In a deadline day deal that never was, Debuchy’s last-minute signing from Arsenal to Man United in the winter of 2016 was halted by Arsène Wenger.

However, Debuchy still left the Emirates behind on the 1st of February, 2016 when Bordeaux took out a loan on the right-back for five months. Debuchy’s market value has fallen gradually over the last couple of years but he’s remained a strong part of the Gunners team since his return.

There are rumours that Olympic Marseille may sign Debuchy before this summer’s transfer windows closes. However, as long as Wenger doesn’t block our own offer, we’ll take on Debuchy to complete our dream team.

That’s it for our fantasy XI, but who would feature on your own line-up? Let us know in the comments section.





Daniel McKeown