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Tories cut to 1-14 to gain most seats at General Election

| 19.04.2017

Leading bookmaker Coral has cut the odds on the Conservatives picking up the most seats at the General Election into 1-14 (from 1-10) this morning, while at the same time pushing Labour out to 8-1 (from 7-1). The Liberal Democrats have attracted some support in the betting and have been trimmed into 28-1 (from 33-1) with the firm.

Meanwhile, Coral has seen a flurry of bets for George Osborne not to hold the seat for Tatton after the General Election where he is evens to either lose the seat or step down. The firm has also taken a rush of bets in Scotland on there being a Scottish Independence Referendum by the end of 2018.

“We’ve hardly taken any bets on the Labour party gaining the most seats at the upcoming General Election which suggests punters have little confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. In fact we have taken more bets on the Liberal Democrats who have been popular to pick up more than 20% of the share of the vote when the electorate head to the ballot boxes,” said Coral’s John Hill.

“In Scotland we have seen a gamble on there being a second independence referendum in the last 24 hours following Theresa May’s decision to hold a snap election,” added Hill.

**Next General Election – Most Seats
1-14 Conservative, 8-1 Labour, 28-1 Liberal Democrats, 100-1 UKIP, 500-1 Greens

**Next General Election – Overall Majority
1-5 Conservative, 5-1 No overall majority, 12-1 Labour, 66-1 Liberal Democrat, 100-1 UKIP, 1000-1 Greens

**Next Labour leader
4-1 Keir Starmer, 10-1 Clive Lewis, 12-1 Dan Jarvis, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Lisa Nandy, 14-1 David Miliband, 16-1 Yvette Cooper, 20-1 John McDonnell, 25-1 Bar

**UKIP vote share
4-7 Under 10%, 7-4 10-20%, 12-1 20-30%.50-1 Over 30%

**Liberal Demoncrat vote share
4-6 10-20%, 9-4 Over 20%, 9-2 Under 10%

**Labour vote share
2-1 20-25%, 9-4 25-30%, 3-1 Under 20%, 5-1 30-35%, 16-1 35-40%, 33-1 Over 40%

**Prime Minister on 1st July
1-10 Theresa May, 8-1 Jeremy Corbyn, 33-1 Boris Johnson, Tim Faron, 100-1 Nigel Farage

**George Osborne to hold the seat for Tatton after the General Election

**A Scottish Referendum to take place by the end of 2018

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John Hill

John is the newest member of the PR team having joined in April 2014. In his previous role he worked as a broadcaster where he could be heard building up to the action in horse racing, greyhounds and a range of sports.
As a PR manager he will be responsible for Coral's news website providing the latest market movers, as well as various other media relations, including Box Nation and RPGTV.
John is a proud Rochdale fan having been born in the town which has produced the likes of Gracie Fields and Lisa Stansfield.