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Piers Morgan’s best #wengerout moments – in tweets

| 04.04.2017

Odds are currently EVS that Wenger will leave Arsenal at the end of the season and opinions are mixed about the move amongst loyal fans. One particular Gooner hasn’t held back about his opinion of the Arsenal manager though.

It’s fair to say Piers Morgan is pretty vocal about his opinions on Twitter and his most recent blasts have been focused on Arsene Wenger, the manager of his beloved Arsenal. But how did he get from this:

To this:

Obviously a lot has changed. That first tweet came after a 2-1 win for Arsenal over Barcelona back in 2011. The second after a 3 – 1 defeat by West Brom. With the increasing support for the #WengerOut campaign, Piers is hardly the only frustrated and disappointed Arsenal fan.

Over the weekend, a 2 – 2 draw against Man City left the Gunners at 6th place in the table. Not exactly the best result, but would holding off one of the best teams in the league start to soften Piers up a bit?

Ah, guess not.
It’s not like this is anything new though. Morgan has been criticising Wenger for some time, despite his peppering of compliments here and there. Piers joined Twitter on 16 Nov 2010. 43 days later came his first tweet of advice for the manager.

Pretty tame to be fair, but let’s take a look at some of his more recent tweets after his anger has had a few years to build.

That nearly feels like a bit of sympathy from Piers Morgan there. Nearly.


Unsurprisingly, Piers was pretty angry after Arsenal received a 5 – 1 thrashing from Bayern Munich (10 – 2 on aggregate).

Well, that was a pretty sound defeat. Who wouldn’t be angry? Maybe we can find something nice Morgan said after Arsenal’s last win against a team that isn’t non-league. For that we have to go a little further back to Arsenal’s 2 – 0 win over Hull in February.

He was a bit busy after a US TV appearance and arguing with people about Trump and JK Rowling, but he still found time to insult Wenger and Beckham.

Not to worry. What about Arsenal’s 5 – 0 victory over Southampton in the FA Cup? Well, no, he decided to criticise the FA Cup instead and not mention the game. But he was straight back into it a few days later.

Maybe we’ll give up on finding a compliment. Instead, here’s a few more examples of his choice words for Wenger over the years.

Piers Morgan’s view on Wenger is pretty clear, but how long does Wenger have left? Will this be his last season, or will he hold on till next year? Are ten games enough for Arsenal to change Morgan’s opinion?

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