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Live like royalty with Crown Gems Hi Roller slot

| 13.12.2016

If you’ve got lots of money to spend on playing slot games, then Crown Gems Hi Roller is definitely the one for you. Everything about Crown Gems feels opulent, from the glittery aces to the shiny crowns, and you’ll be living in the lap of luxury when you play this top mobile slot game at Coral.

Dive into the glittering jewels


Golden crowns will net you great payouts

We absolutely love Crown Gems for its simplicity. You can live like royalty in this game even if you’re playing on the lowest betting stake. When you open the game, you’re met with a simple 15-symbol grid: there’s five reels, each of which can show three symbols at a time. The things you’re looking out for are the sparkling gemstones, or the spangled gold crown: landing three or more of those gives you a payout, while collecting five of any symbol can net you the biggest wins.

There are 10 paylines, which are activated throughout play, and you can change your stake per line. Wins are paid out both left to right and right to left, as well as on central winning lines, so you’ve always got a good chance of getting some of your money back. The handy auto-play feature also lets you spin more absent-mindedly, and you can set how many spins should happen automatically before you start it up.

But if you really want to play this game properly, then you should use that hallowed Hi Roller button.

Play it safe, or splash out


Use the Hi Roller button to up your paylines

Activating the Hi Roller function ups your chance of bagging fortunes. How? It gives you the chance to play the same game, but on more active paylines. You can pick from 20, 30, 40 or 50 lines to bet on: just select your choice in the menu, and get spinning!

You’ll get five linked spins on whatever Hi Roller stake you use. Playing five spins on 20 paylines costs you £20; 30 paylines will be £30; 40 paylines comes up as £40; and 50 paylines will set you back £50, giving you a stake of £10 per spin. This simple feature lets you spend your money on an easy-to-play slot, but with more ways to win, it can really add up fast. If you’ve got to spend money to make money, then Crown Jewels wants you to splash your cash in exchange for a higher chance of getting a jackpot. And once you throw some stacked symbols into the mix too, then you’re looking at decent odds of winning.

Fans of multiple bonus features and endless wilds might be disappointed in this game, but that’s okay. Crown Gems Hi Roller is simple and sleek. It has one core mechanic – the eponymous Hi Roller function – and that’s all it needs to be successful. So if playing a low-key slot for big money sounds appealing, then this is the mobile slot machine you’ve been seeking!



Ashley Hughes