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Get great rewards from the Coral Poker loyalty scheme

| 14.12.2016

What’s the point of playing great casino games online unless you’re going to be rewarded for your service? Coral’s fantastic new poker loyalty scheme is our answer to this problem. Carry on playing poker as usual and you’ll get bonuses depending on how many points you earn per month. Now that’s a loyalty scheme worth getting involved in!

Rise up the ranks of Coral’s VIP programme


It’s easy to rise up the ranks at Coral!

You can climb up the loyalty scheme by making sure you have enough poker points to reach the next level. Everyone starts at VIP Level 1, and it only takes 1 Poker Point to make it to Level 2.

If you get 50 poker points per month, you can progress to Level 3. VIP Level 4 is 500 points, while Level 5 takes 2,500. If you can keep on top of 5,000 poker points per month, then you can make it to the final Level 6.

Rake in those poker rakebacks

The core of the Coral poker’s loyalty scheme is the rakebakcs which are on offer. We’ll give you players back a percentage of the pot that’s bet in online games, meaning you can exchange the points you earn for rakebacks. The higher your level, the bigger percentage you get as a rakeback – and the fewer points each rake costs.

At VIP Level 2, you’re eligible for a 16% rakeback in online poker games. It’ll take you 90 points to cash in and exchange for €1 of rakeback, but this also declines as you become more of a VIP. By the time you reach VIP Level 6, you’ll be eligible for a rakeback of 30.48% at a cost of only 42 points per €1.

Remember to read the full terms and conditions on our offers page so you know what you’re getting yourself in for. But we at Coral poker are sure that this is one of the best poker loyalty schemes out there today. Get involved, and start earning those all-important Poker Points!   




Ashley Hughes