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Coral Poker Payday Payback gives you more back

| 14.12.2016

We at Coral love everyone who plays with us, and so we feel it’s important for us to give something back to our players. If money has started to run out before you next payday, never fear: our fantastic poker offers could give you a little much-needed bonus.

The Payday Payback offer runs from the 25th to the last day of each month. All you need to do is deposit money during this time period and win some poker points, and we’ll see that you get a payday payback. These offers are instant, meaning there’s no waiting around to get your bonus: it simply turns up in your account. And if you meet all three bonus deposit requirements, you’ll get to play with all three bonuses. Now that’s something worth playing for!


Payday Payback One

The good news is that even if your purse strings are a little tight this Christmas, you can still get in on the payday payback bonus game. The first level of bonuses start when you deposit from £20 to £50 in the last week of the month, and make sure you earn at least one poker point during the same period.

In return, you’ll get a €2 Twister Token, as well as a Daily Mission Tournament Token. You can cash this in for the chance to play for a €1,000 jackpot – which would certainly help shake off those winter blues!

Payday Payback Two

If you’ve got some Christmas cash you want to spend on poker, then you might be eligible for the second tier of our Payback Payday scheme. Depositing between £50 and £200 in the last week of the month, as well as winning a Poker Point, will make sure you get the goods.

Coral will instantly credit your account with two €5 Twister Tokens, and give you the chance to play for a €2,000 jackpot. Even better, this promotion runs in conjunction with the double jackpot weekends that’s on offer; a single deposit of £50 into your Coral Poker account could therefore lead to you winning a €4,000 jackpot – if you play your cards right.

Payday Payback Three

There’s a top level to the payday payback bonus. You can access it if you’ve got more than £200 to deposit in your Coral Poker count, and earn 200 Poker Points between the 25th and the last day of the month. It might be a big ask, but we’re confident our top Coral poker players will have no trouble with this!

As a thank-you, we’ll immediately credit you with a €20 Tournament Token. You can buy into our Super Sunday Line-up with this, which has a massive total prize fund of €250,000 spread across different jackpots. If you’re lucky, that £200 deposit could be bringing you home a huge amount to start off 2017 in style.

No matter how much you want to deposit in your Coral Poker account, you’re sure to get a little something back. At the end of the month, make sure you’re a part of this great poker deal: who knows how much you could be walking away with?



Ashley Hughes