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Serve up some big wins with Tennis Stars

| 16.11.2016

Our fantastic online slots tab gives you all the games you could wish for. Progressive jackpots, HD games and even TV inspired slots, they’re only ever a few clicks away. However, one that may have slipped your notice is Tennis Stars, one of the best sports related slots available.

So, in honour of Andy Murray becoming the number one in the world, we think you should give it a go, and believe us, you won’t regret it.

Tennis Stars has many bonuses that can lead to big wins

Tennis Stars has many bonuses that can lead to big wins

This online slot really is ace

As you would expect, the theme of this slot is totally about tennis, with trainers, balls, trophies and a male and female player all making up the symbols. Plus, you are also treated to a tennis court in the background.

With the slot, there are 40 paylines and five reels which provides you with slightly more ways to win than you would find on your average slot. This can make every spin interesting as you seek to land the combinations.

The info bar, found at the bottom left of the slot, will inform you of all the paylines and the worth of each symbol, so it’s worth checking out before you start spinning. Plus, you can play for as little as 1p per line, so it’s not going to break the bank!

Take advantage of these bonuses

Whether you are a tennis fan or not, the bonuses available on Tennis Stars will appeal to you.

Firstly, the gold trophy is the wild symbol and will substitute for all the regular symbols to create a winning combo, although it only appears on the middle three reels.

If you manage to get a wild across all three symbols you will be treated to a 10x win on that bet, and then 15 free spins! What’s more, you can get more multipliers on those free spins.

Another bonus can be activated by the scatter, which is two rackets on one symbol. Again, depending on how many you get, this will give you a multiplier, up to 100x for all five reels, and it will also trigger the Championship bonus.

For that, it’s you against the computer, and although you will always win, the amount you win by will determine your prize.

You must pick the type of serve and shot that your player will make, and watch as the point plays out. But, choose wisely because you will get multipliers for every ace that you serve.

Then to the game, if you win to love, you get a 50x multiplier. A win to 15, earns you 15x and a victory to 30 will give you a 10x multiplier. Not bad.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s one final way you can make some more money. Should you choose to gamble, a card will be overturned and you can guess red or black, and if you’re correct your win will be doubled.

However, if you’re happy with what you’ve got, you can choose to collect before this. How brave will you be?

So, there you have it, and what a game Tennis Stars is. The graphics and images fit in with the theme, and the bonuses are superb. Enjoy, and good luck.



Chris Gallagher