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Have fun with our TV inspired slots!

| 14.11.2016

At Coral we offer so many games for our players. From the classic casino options such as roulette and poker, to a host of slots. Now, we will be taking a look at our slots which boast a range of themes, from war games to sports based. However, here we will show you all of the best TV slot games that you can play.

There are many to choose from, so check the website for more details, but these are some of the standouts.

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal

The classic TV game, I’m sure you’ve all had to sit through Noel Edmonds and this game – probably at your Nans! Well, here we have it in slot format, and while the TV show may not be your cup of tea, there are still exciting moments, with the tension of finding the right box and the hope of landing a big win.

Well thankfully our lot brings that to the table, no adverts, no waffling from Noel, just the fun. Play the game and see how you do, can you scoop the big prize?



The people’s champion and our favourite boxer, Sly Stallone as Rocky Balboa! The legendary movies have been shown for decades and now you can play Rocky’s very own slot.

Featuring some of the main characters from the film, including loving wife ‘Adriannnn’ and Russian wrecking ball Ivan Drago, memories of some of Rocky’s best moments will come flooding back.

Of course, a Rocky slot wouldn’t be complete without a knockout round, and not only will this keep you entertained, but if you land the knockouts you could leave with a nice multiplier on your initial stake. Nice!



Another well-known and popular franchise with fans, and again it’s now available in the slot format here at Coral. With some of your favourite characters as symbols you can use them to help you on your journey to win some big funds.

There will be mystery features and bonus rounds along the way that make the game more appealing and free spins that are up for grabs that will come in handy when trying to boost your pot.

If you are a fan, this is the game for you – check it out!

Incredible Hulk

Inredible Hulk

Your favourite green monster is available on our slots with a nice jackpot that could see him becoming your favourite super hero of all time —  if he helps you land the big prize, of course!

With a video intro that will get you pumped-up and ready to beat the slot, you will be ready for the spins. Find the Hulk scatter symbols and you could end up with not only free spins, but a great multiplier too.

The bonus involves Hulk smashing his way through the city, obviously. So try it out, you will have some fun and might even hit the big jackpot and the life-changing money on offer.

So there you have it, a little sample of some of the great games that we have available that are themed on your favourite TV shows or movies. If you are a fan you should love it, with your favourite characters and their journey presented in a new way, however, even if you aren’t fans, check out the prizes on offer and that will make it more than worth it’s while. Good luck!



Ashley Hughes