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How ‘hot numbers’ is just another roulette myth

| 04.10.2016

The range of casino games available mean that we all love different games. For some, it will be the slots, the fast pace, the excitement and unpredictability. Others will prefer poker, and of course there’s blackjack, where one card can decide your fate. However, a universally loved game is roulette – and it’s easy to see why. The tension, the joy, the excitement, it’s a thrilling game. Yet that doesn’t stop myths going round, and here we will be looking at a popular one – hot numbers in roulette.

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Numbers that come out frequently are known as hot numbers

What are hot numbers in roulette?

Ah, yes, hot numbers in roulette. That myth has been passed from generations and unfortunately we are here to dismiss it.

Firstly, what it’s about. Hot numbers are numbers that appear frequently on the roulette wheel, and this has created the theory that the tables will bring them out again.

Therefore, people are more likely to bet on these numbers, but of course, this is not true.

The machine will tell you the previous numbers that have been out, but it has no bearing on the next spin. Each spin is independent and the chance of landing on a specific number is the same every time.

Don’t be worried, there’s nothing actually wrong with following the hot number system, we are just here to tell you that there’s nothing right with it. So don’t raise your stakes, or expect instant wins, because it doesn’t work like that!

Roulette is random!

We’ve already stressed it, but it’s important and relevant to more than just hot numbers. Apply this to any theory that you hear thrown about. If it seems too good to be true – it probably is.

You all love roulette because of the excitement, the unpredictability and the fun that it brings. That means that most of these theories that exist aren’t actually correct.

So, there you have it. Remember that each spin is independent and don’t get caught up with the myths that you hear. Like hot numbers, most are myths, but that shouldn’t stop you experiencing the thrill of roulette. Enjoy.



Chris Gallagher