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Be a hero with these Marvel slots at Coral

| 25.10.2016

Here at Coral, we adore superheroes – especially ones from Marvel comics. There’s nothing better than watching strong superheroes flexing their muscles and saving the world.

Now, thanks to our slots, these famous faces could become your heroes. Check out some of our greatest superhero slot machines below!



Heroes and villains from this classic series are here to help make your slots experience even more exciting!

And with your help, the Heroes vs Villains bonus free spins rounds can help bring the bad guys to justice (and get some nice rewards for you too).

The slot is linked into a four-level Marvel Mystery jackpot prize, which pays out huge money to lucky players of any of the Marvel slots.

Finally, the unique X-Features triggers when hero symbols form an X across the middle three reels, causing a 5x multiplier.

Iron Man 2


We’ve got a slot for every movie in this trilogy – 1, 2 and 3. Iron Man 2 is full of double symbols, stacked one on top of the other, meaning it’s even more likely that you’ll get lucky matches.

All of Tony Stark’s slots come with jackpots that wouldn’t be out of place for a high-roller like him.

Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power could all be triggered by any spin, and pay out incredible jackpots to match their names.

Incredible Hulk


This slot isn’t going to make you hulk out – the progressive prize money on offer just keeps going up, and often stands at over £400,000!

Incredible Hulk starts with a video intro to get you pumped, and ready to spin those reels.

The five-reel slot can show three symbols on each, including hazardous waste and law enforcement symbols as they try to catch the green avenger.

And finally, the Hulk scatter symbols give you the chance to up your multipliers and gain free spins, upping your chance of winning big money.

Thor The Mighty Avenger


Based on the film starring Chris Hemsworth, Thor is going to wield Mjolnir to ensure evil is purged from Asgard.

This five-reel slot has 30 paylines, and sees Thor and his gang of friends going up against old enemies.

Loki – the Trickster God – is back to cause trouble, but there’s plenty of bonuses to help the God of Thunder of his quest.

Spinning specific symbols is enough to trigger free spins and increased multipliers, and bets can be placed up to £600 per spin.

Captain America


Captain America might have been a great hero during the Second World War, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about this slot!

The Avengers’ leader is back to do battle with the Red Skull again, and spinning either of them can help trigger bonuses.

If you catch a Captain America symbol on the first reel, a free games symbol on the third and the Red Skull symbol on the final reel, you’ll be in for a bonus game full of exciting rewards – and exclusive entry to the Super Spins bonus round.

Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin


It feels like we get a new Spiderman movie every few years, all starring a different fresh-faced actor as high school student Peter Parker.

Face off against Spiderman’s arch nemesis in this exciting slot, with a refreshingly vibrant comic-book aesthetic.

The Turbo Mode feature spins the reels rapidly to speed up multiple spins, and Spidey himself might even swing by to turn 2, 3 or 4 symbols into Wilds. And get powered up for the Ultimate Fight, where our hero faces off against the Green Goblin – help him win, and you too could win big!

Whether you’re a fan of the Avengers movies, the X-Men comic books or the original Spiderman cartoon, our Marvel slots are bound to make you smile. Give them a spin today, and check out all of our great slots. Plus, don’t forget to have fun – the fate of the world could rest on it!



Ashley Hughes