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Experience the thrill of roulette at Coral!

| 07.09.2016

Whether you’re a James Bond wannabe, a casino thrill-seeker, or even new to the casino altogether, Coral’s amazing range of roulette games will easily keep you entertained. Take a look below for our amazing range of games, or jump straight into the action here.

Live roulette for that real casino feel!

live roulette
If you’re looking to experience the true thrill of roulette, but from the comfort of your own home, then live roulette presents you with the ideal opportunity to do so. Basically, we beam live roulette straight to your PC, mobile and tablet, via a webcam based in our live casino studio.

The dealers will spin in real-time, presenting you with the opportunity to bet on live results. Ultimately, this blows regular roulette out of the water, and is the next best thing in casino gaming.

Penny roulette

roulette penny
Penny roulette is what it says on this tin — the opportunity to play the thrilling game of bingo for just a penny a spin. This gives those who aren’t confident in casino gaming to try their hand at roulette without taking too much risk.

This variety of roulette plays exactly the same way as regular roulette, so don’t worry, you’re not restricted because you don’t have the funds to gamble like a high roller. Of course, if you do feel like trying your hand, the maximum bet is $20 per selection, per spin. But, if you’re looking to play on a budget, you’ve found the perfect game.

Pinball roulette

Pinball Roulette
Pinball roulette adds a whole new angle to roulette, combining the thrill of the popular casino game with the excitement of roulette. Basically, you choose your bets like any other roulette game, but the true excitement comes when you spin the wheel — which isn’t a wheel, but a huge pinball table, where the numbers float at the bottom.

Pinball roulette 1

As you can see above, the ball doesn’t spin around the wheel like regular roulette, but is instead flung upwards into the roulette-esque environment. From there it will drop through multiple pins and buffers until finally landing in a slot below, which denotes a space on the regular wheel.

So, there you have it! Some of our most popular casino games here at Coral. Head on to our roulette tab and check them our for yourself!



Ashley Hughes