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Experience the mysticism of Genie Jackpots!

| 21.09.2016

Progressive slots are popular for a reason, it’s their uncanny ability to turn punters into overnight millionaires. While regular Vegas-style slot machines, such as Jewel Strike and 4 Leaf Fortune do have the potential to generate big money wins, Genie Jackpots (the focus of this review) has the potential to pay millions.

The magical genie and his all-powerful slot

Genie Jackpots
Jackpot Genie is a 20-line, five reeled progressive slot machine themed around the supernatural creature ‘jinn’, or as popularised through Disney’s Aladdin, the ‘Genie.’ For those unaware of the genie character, he’s a flying, wish-granting spirit who resides in a lamp. Once rubbed, by an unsuspecting human, he appears, granting three wishes, much to his annoyance.

In an attempt to create a fantasy-themed game, the reels rest on clouds floating in the sky, all lingering amongst a gorgeous purple and amber sky. The setting created by this game is impressive, and with the genie’s lamp taking the place of the spin symbol really adds the finishing touch to this wonderful slot.

The slot symbols on this game are, as you would expect, based on Far-Eastern objects, such as zulfiqars (Arabian Swords), Arabian headdresses and the scatter symbol, which comes in the form of an ancient Arabian town. These symbols are responsible for the higher payouts in Genie Jackpots. Then, as you would expect, the generic 10 to K symbols make an appearance, which are stylised in a gorgeous Middle-Eastern style font and pay the regular prizes, which can be as much as 200 times your original stake. The enhanced symbols, on the other hand, have the potential to pay 500 times your stake.

Bonus features and more in Genie Jackpots

The wild symbol in this game is the monkey, who replaces any symbol on the reels to create a sequence, as long as you have two or more lined up. The ‘bonus’ symbol, is, as you would expect, the route to triggering the two bonuses: The Magic Carpet Bonus and the Mystery Win Bonus. Which bonus you trigger depends on the 3rd symbol you land.

Let’s take a look at these bonuses in more detail:

  • Mystery Win Bonus:
    Triggered by the treasure chest bonus symbol — you’re transported to a mysterious cave filled with gold. During this, the genie stands gleefully over you as you open his treasure chest. Once cracked open, you’ll be showered with gold, resulting in an amazing bonus win.
  • Magic Carpet Bonus:
    A trail-style bonus where you’re tasked with making your way through the dangerous flying carpets, picking up win multipliers along the way. As you progress, the collect option might appear at any time, ending the feature. While this sounds bad, it really adds to the intensity of the feature, and if you make if through the first level, the second level awaits where, if you’re fortunate enough to make it through the the end, you’ll bag the progressive jackpot.

And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about the amazingly popular Genie Jackpots. What are you waiting for? Ditch the three wishes and make your own dreams come true with the Genie Jackpots slot.



Ashley Hughes