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Experience the making of Coral Vegas’ ferocious ‘Electric Tiger’

| 29.09.2016

Coral Vegas’ brand new advert is afoot, with our Electric Tiger prowling around the screens of millions of unsuspecting victims, providing live casino games, exclusive slots and more in the blink of the eye.

But how was he conceived? Find all this out and more in our exclusive video ‘The Making of Electric Tiger’ below.

The alpha-cat of casino gaming

In the words of Phil Coverdale, Managing Director of Craven, the Electric Tiger was an attempt to epitomise the “beating heart of Vegas”. Bringing aboard Moving Picture Company (MPC), responsible for creating Jungle Book’s feline nemesis Shere Khan in the 2016 live-action remake, alongside hit movies X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy, he was conceived using the latest and greatest in modern CGI technology. This was a no-brainer for Andy Lovatt, Head of Creative at Craven. “Getting an effects company of the calibre of MPC on board has meant we can really do the idea justice”.

Behind the scenes like never before

‘The Making of Electric Tiger’ is the first of its kind for Coral, dissecting the production process in full. The behind-the-scenes video provides a comprehensive analysis of our advert, from generating storyboards, sourcing the location, to casting and the overall look and feel. Alongside this you’ll get insights from key industry creatives Rupert Cresswell (MPC) and the aforementioned Adam Johnson and Andy Lovatt at Cravens.

Our video also provides budding filmmakers and screenwriters out there with a demonstration of advertising masterclass, as it explores the intricacies of building a movie set; from lighting and sound, working with live action on a live set and tying it all together. It also explores the effort and dedication involved in creating the Electric Tiger itself, with executive producer James Nicklasson talking you through the whole process.

And if you haven’t caught our new advert, check it out below!


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Ashley Hughes