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Reduce your losses every Wednesday with Coral!

| 31.08.2016

The middle of the week can be boring; you’re just counting down the days until the weekend but it still seems too far away. Well, here at Coral we have a fantastic promotion that will certainly brighten up your Wednesday.  

Here are the details. Enjoy!

Cut your losses

We have a wide range of casino options for players, covering all of the traditional games like blackjack, poker and roulette and the excitement that each game brings is brilliant.

Whether it is the intense wait for the card that you need at the blackjack table or the nervous anticipation to see if the ball drops your way on the roulette wheel. It’s fun!

However, what’s not so fun is when you lose.

Yet, every Wednesday that you do lose on our live tables throughout the month of September, the pain will be slightly tempered with the fact that we will give you 20% back on your losses up to a £/€100.

Yep, should you lose on a Wednesday, 20% will be credited as a bonus the following day. Simple.


Get involved!

This promotion runs throughout September, but will actually start on Wednesday 31st August and players will have to play on the Coral Live Casino tab in order to qualify.

You have all day, every week to bet, so if you get in late from work and fancy a spin on the casino tables, or wake up after a lie-in, you can take advantage, there are no time restrictions on any Wednesday.

The most you can receive is a £/€100 bonus, but hopefully your losses don’t reach that much anyway!

So, there you have it, five Wednesday bonuses that are up for grabs, that will brighten up the doom and gloom if you suffer a loss on our tables. With the live casino tab, you can have a thrilling, real experience, and lots of fun. But even if the worst happens and you end up down, we will share the loss. Good luck!





Ashley Hughes