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Join Coral Vegas in style with our great offer!

| 11.08.2016

We all love a game at the casino. Whether you are the king of the bluff at the poker tables or lucky with the numbers on the roulette wheel, there are many ways you can experience the great thrill and rush of excitement at the casino. Well, thankfully for you, you can now enjoy all those moments in one place at Coral, with Coral Vegas having everything you could dream of. Plus, we will make it better by throwing in £400 in bonuses for you when you join up.

Yep, £400 – just for signing up. It’s true!


How do I get the offer?

Well, this is split into three stages, but don’t worry it is straightforward and here we will outline what you have to do.

Stage One – 100% bonus up to £250

Yep, we will double your first buy-in with anything up to £250! All you have to do is sign up, decide what you will stake and we will double it. How kind!

Stage Two – 50% bonus up to £100

If the first offer isn’t generous enough, you can then get 50% of whatever you buy-in after, simply choose the promotion, choose your stake and the bonus will arrive. Happy days.

Stage Three – 25% bonus up to £50

You know how this works now! Buy-in and you will receive 25% as a bonus.

Seems too good to be true

We know, it does. However, it’s not! All those free bonuses are available. So get involved and try out our range of fantastic options.

Although, there is one stipulation that you need to be aware of. Players will have to play through their bonus by 20x before the bonus money becomes withdrawable funds, but on our games you could do that in no time at all!

It seems a small price to pay for such an outstanding offer.

So, there you have it. If that is not incentive enough to join Coral Vegas, then I don’t know what is. We don’t just have one brilliant offer, nor two, but three ways you can benefit. So it’s over to you know, you are left with the tough choice of trying to decide how much money you want for free. Pick your buy-in, get involved and let the bonuses flow. Good luck!



Ashley Hughes