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Worst ever tilt moments in poker!

| 10.07.2016

Poker often pushes players to the limit and has often stretched individuals to breaking point — especially if its your only source of income. Ultimately though, poker is a game of chance and the tables will inevitably turn against the pros, often sending them over the edge. We take a look at six players who at some point in their careers have simply lost it.

Justin Schwartz — a very sore loser!

justin stealthmunk schwartz

There’s no better way to kick off the list than Justin Schwartz’s massive paddy at the World Series of Poker main event this year. During the intense seven-day tourney in July it was Schwartz who quickly became one of the least popular players at the table. It was a number of things that led to frustrations developing, including interjecting in a hand he wasn’t involved in and complaining about people taking too long. ‘I can’t be stared at for five minutes, make a decision’ he screamed at competitors after being held to a fold for five minutes.

His biggest blowup arrived on the final day in the last hand he’d play. After landing a pair of 6s at the deal and flopping a set, Schwartz was confident of the win. Unfortunately, Joe McKeehen held a pair of sixes and when he flopped trip-sixes, let’s just say things didn’t go down too well. This resulted in a few f-bombs being dropped along with calling McKeehen the ‘most disgusting human being in the world’ — definitely giving the game a dreadful image. Before leaving he told McKeehen that he has to win the main event — which he did. Negreanu was more than pleased to see him go and he’s the nicest bloke on the circuit.

Daniel Cates — bluffed out of big money


If you’ve never heard of Dan ‘jungleman’ Cates then you probably don’t play much online poker. He’s been touted as the next big thing in Georgia but hasn’t had much TV exposure — well, this changed when he grabbed a spot on the televised Premier League Poker tournament. He ended up being embroiled in plenty of battles with another up and comer called Dan Colman.

Colman had been trouncing ‘jungleman’ by check-raising him with a straight hand before and went in for the kill with K10. ‘Jungleman’ on the other hand had AQ and so, as you would expect, went in to bluff. It was Coleman leading him on with a micro-expression that led his opponent to go all-in and so, when the cards were revealed and ‘jungleman’ had nothing, he crashed out.

Phil Helmuth — the angriest man in poker

Helmuth is known in the industry as a man with a rather large ego. Unfortunately, while in his head he think’s he’s the greatest poker player in the world, he’s lost his touch. This is a terrible mixture and has led to some rather awkward situations.

One in particular is his rant against Howard Lederer, which went viral. It’s cringe-worthy, but hilarious at the same time. We won’t say anymore, just take a look at the video below:




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