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Football transfer betting tips and predictions

| 04.07.2016

Top betting tips for the football transfer market

At Coral, we’re proud to say that we have the best football transfer tips.

Football transfers are an exciting time in football so it makes sense to get some bets in. And, we’ve got some great football transfer odds on offer.

We’re in touch with the best football tipsters in the business so it’s safe to say that we can serve all your football transfer betting needs.

Transfer betting can be a minefield, which is why we’ve taken all the stress out of it and injected some fun by collating all the best football transfer tips and predictions for today.

Yep that’s right. We’ve written up today’s top betting predictions. No need to wait for weekend football, today is the day to start winning those transfer bets. So, place your bets now. Go, go, go!

Want some more tips? We’ve got some top predictions for matches happening throughout the season so take a look and be part of the action.




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