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The sky’s the limit with Coral’s progressive slots!

| 25.07.2016

Imagine landing £2 million in a matter of mere moments — well, that’s more possible than ever with Coral’s range of progressive slot machines. You could be one spin away from a life-changing sum of money! Want to know more? Read on below for more info!

What are progressive slot machines?

Progressive slot machines are somewhat different to their regular counterparts in that they come with much larger jackpots and intense bonus features.

While there’s more money to be won short-term with regular slot machines (you’re more likely to land a main prize, for example) there’s the scope to land more money in the long run. Basically, a portion of your stake is reserved for the main game while a small percentage is reserved for the progressive jackpot pool.

With some games you’ll have to stake a certain amount to be eligible to land the main progressive jackpot. If you’re hunting for the million pound jackpot then make sure you play higher than the maximum limit. You can find the minimum on the info tab on most modern slot games.

Generally you win a progressive jackpot in one of two ways:

1) By landing five specific symbols on payline 1
2) By triggering a specific bonus feature and playing through the game

There’s a few games on our slots tab with different ways of triggering the jackpot. Make sure you check the rules out before playing. Other than that though, they play like a regular slot machine.

What’re the most popular progressive slot machines at Coral?

Well, there’s a few good examples of progressive slot on Coral. One of our most popular games is The Winnings of Oz which currently has a jackpot of over £2.2 million. It’s based on, as you would expect, the Wizard of Oz. This game is ideal for those who are in love with the Magical land of Oz and contains much-loved elements from the movie such as the yellow brick road — which is the trail feature — the wizard bonus, which pits you against the wizard himself and a variety of other amazing bonus features.

If you’re looking for big wins, crazy features — all combined in a beautiful slot — then you’ve found the right game!

Then there’s Jackpot Giant, which is another one of Coral’s popular jackpot games. With a jackpot of around £1.85 million — and growing — it gets plenty of attention. It’s based around the friendly giant with an appetite for gold. It contains a vast array of bonus features including the classic ‘pick one’, where you have to choose from one of six fiery mountains. There’s also plenty of expanding wilds, which results in a steady run of wins. To trigger the jackpot all you have to do is land five golden coins on reel one — which is perfect if complicated bonus features confuse you.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about the progressive slots here at Coral. Head on over to the slots tab and check out all the amazing progressive slots machines we have on offer. Good luck at the casino!



Ashley Hughes