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Experience Coral’s latest range of slot games!

| 05.06.2016

If you’re not up to date with our latest range of slots, well, you may as well go home now. Get with it people! Ah well, we’ll do the leg work for you — check out Coral’s latest range of slot games below!

Cash Shot!

Cash Shot

Featuring the lovable Carly and Farley — the faces of Coral — they’ve got together with CR Games to create Cash Shot, Coral’s hit new slot. It plays like a general Vegas-style slot machine, with 10 paylines and five reels. In fact, it’s a little more basic than a regular video slot — perfect for beginners.

On the right hand side you’ll find our man Darren Farley, tooting on his whistle and making us chuckle with his witty and hilarious facial expression. On the board you’ll find Carly, smiling away as usual — brightening up out days. The rest of the symbols are football related — foam hands, yellow cards, whistles and footballs.

The wild symbol is the linesman flag and bonus symbols include Carly — which triggers the cash shot bonus — and a golden suitcase, triggering the bonus bank feature.

If you’re looking for a funny and somewhat entertaining slot game to play, check out Cash Shot on our top games tab. Honestly, your sides will split from laughter.

The Guardians


Tribal, dangerous, fearsome — these are the words we’d use to describe The Guardians. One of the latest games to drop on our slots tab, it stars five powerful women, each with their guardians. The drums in the background soon have you pumped up, ready to go to war with anyone who stands in your way. Let’s get hunting for those bonuses.

In terms of paylines, The Guardians has 40! This might seem a little confusing at first — especially if you’re used to the slot machine in the pub — but essentially, the more paylines, the more room you have to land winning combinations. The wild symbol in this game is two spheres interlocked. The bonus feature in this game is determined by the fortune bet, which comes in three categories:

Fortune Bet 1:
25% on top of your original stake, and will double the height of all scatter symbols!

Fortune Bet 2:
50% on top of your original stake and will triple the height of the scatters.

Fortune Bet 3:
100% of your original stake and will quadruple the height of scatters and will take away the generic symbols — leaving you with only high paying symbols!

So, if you’re looking for a slot where you can actively influence the size of bonus symbols — or maybe you’re just into the tribal theme — then we highly recommend you check out The Guardians!

These are just a couple of the brand new games you can find on our awesome slots tab. Why not head on over and check them out for yourself. Good luck!



Ashley Hughes