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Check out Coral’s amazing rewards!

| 09.06.2016

You’ve been playing with Coral for a while, but you haven’t heard of our loyalty scheme. What in the world have you been doing? You’ve probably been collecting loyalty points without even noticing it. No problem, we’ll fill you in with everything you need to know!

So, what’s Coral’s reward scheme all about?

Coral’s reward scheme is designed to get the most out of your gaming. It’s similar to a retail rewards scheme, where you’re rewarded for spending at the same store — essentially a loyalty scheme for gamblers. Instead though, gamers are rewarded for doing what they love — playing our range of online games!

Anyone with a Coral account will automatically start collecting reward points, and once you have 100, you can cash them in for hard-cold moolah! Money! Wonga! Whatever you want to call it. It’s honestly as simple as that — no need to stress.

Sure, but do some games bag more loyalty points that others?

Yeah, you’re completely correct. Some games will bag you more loyalty points than others:

Loyalty points per £10:

Slot games: 2 points
Blackjack: 1 point
Roulette: 1 point
Baccarat: 1 point

And all other games will bag you one point!

Great, but what can I do with my loyalty points?

You’ve got two decisions to make when it comes to how you spend your loyalty points. Once you’ve got 100 you can exchange them for cash, or use them to play at the casino. Re-live those intense gaming moments, but this time for absolutely nothing. Or, you could put them towards a new sofa, or a roll of wallpaper — wahey!

Ultimately though, it’s your decision!

Is there a way to improve my comp rate?

Absolutely! Check out our VIP loyalty scheme and as you rise through the ranks, you’ll be able to improve your comp rate. Get to VIP platinum and, well, you’ll be raking in comp points for fun!

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about our rewards scheme. Head to the tables, bring down the dealers — not literally — and make your dreams come true. Good luck!



Ashley Hughes