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Coral’s Poker Guide Part 3: Starting Hands

| 15.04.2016
Before reading anything, have you skipped ahead to this section? If you have then start from the beginning! Honestly, it’s worth it!

In this section of the guide we’re going to be looking at the best kind of starting hands to use when playing poker online.

Instead of bamboozling you with loads of information we’ve put all this information in a handy little table! First of all though, let’s take a look at why your starting hand is important!

Why are starting hands important?

If you’ve got a naff starting hand then you’re not getting off to a great start. The best players will only ever play when they start with high-value hands. The table below will tell you which hands to play with depending on where you are on the table. Some hands are better when you’re dictating the play, i.e betting first, while others are better when you know what your opponent has got.

Remember, you can often tell what your opponent has got due to the way that they bet. This guide here covers all that.

As we said, we’re not going to whittle on in this section.

Just check out the table before, learn it (maybe even print it off) and then use it.

Sklansky Starting Hands Groups & Strategies

  • Anything in red should not be played
  • Anything in orange should only be played middle to late
  • Anything in yellow should be played middle and late, and only early if the game is loose (a lot of people betting randomly)
  • Anything in green should be played

Honestly, if you follow the above to the tee you’ll end up winning loads loads more poker hands!


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Ashley Hughes