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Everything you need to know about Cleopatra’s Chest Slot!

| 16.04.2016

It’s another awesome Ancient Egyptian slot!

As online slot fans know, there’s a whole range of amazing slot games based on Ancient Egypt.

They’re generally themed on our knowledge of the gods and culture of the times, and more than often are generally historically accurate.

The guys at Playtech – the bunch who design a lot of our awesome games – have hit the nail on the head again with Cleopatra’s Chest!

Sure, it might lack a few bonus features here and there, but it evens things out with a pretty cool progressive jackpot.

Cleopatra’s Chest can be found under the games section of our bingo tab, so why not check it out. If you’re not convinced about how great this game is then read on below to find more info.

Cleopatra’s Chest Review

Cleopatra’s Chest is a 5-reel slot with fifteen paylines and three rows. On the surface it looks just like a Vegas-style slot game, and it all but is, without the complicated bonus features.


The background of the game is Egyptian themed, with a sandy-coloured background and beige-looking buttons.

The symbols represent Egypt more succinctly with pyramids, the eye of Ramses, sphinxes and King Tutankhamen himself. In total there are six high value symbols; Cleopatra, a sphinxes head, an asp, a hieroglyph-covered pyraid, the eye of Ra and Bastet – the cat god.

Unfortunately, being a simple slot game, there aren’t any wild or bonus symbols. There is a pretty awesome progressive jackpot on offer though!

Progressive jackpot in Cleopatra’s Chest

At the time of writing the jackpot is: £2.219 MILLION!

You do have to play at the maximum stake of £5 to win all of the jackpot, but the amazing thing about the progressive jackpot is that even if you don’t play at the full stake you can still win a portion of the jackpot.

For example, if you play at 50p a spin, you’ll get 10% of the jackpot if you land five Cleopatra symbols.

If you’re playing with a stake of £3 a spin you’ll get 60% of the jackpot!

Play with £5 and you’ll get it all!

So, if you like Ancient Egypt and you like slots then head on over to Coral and give it a blast! Honestly, you won’t regret it!



Ashley Hughes