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Vacation Station: Slot Review

| 26.03.2016


Planes, trains and plenty of paylines

It’s time to pack your bags and jet off to the sun, with that floral shirt and huge camera dangling from your neck. That’s the story behind Vacation Station Deluxe from Playtech and this slot is a rather simple three reel slot, it offers a unique arrangement of paylines which makes this game somewhat more digestible. Vacation Station Deluxe replaces the original version of Vacation Station with updated graphics and an autoplay feature.

If you’re a lover of the classic three reel slot then you will definitely Vacation Station which has launched itself on our slots tab!

Hopefully though, you will appreciate the little extras.

Only three reels!

As you can see from the image above, the reels take their place at the left side of the screen, while our favourite tourist hangs about on the right; as well as the dreadful shirt and huge camera, he has a garland around his neck and comical panda eyes resulting from sunburn. One the suitcase at the front of the screen is your payline bet and any wins that you may receive.

The reels are a 3×3 arrangement, and all the symbols are travel-related. There’s a bus, a motorbike, a train, a car and a submarine – alongside a hot air balloon, a yacht, an airplane and a container ship. If you went on a holiday via all these means of transport, it would certainly be a memorable one. The scatter symbol in this game is a label-covered suitcase.

In total there are eight paylines in this game, and the interesting thing is that they run horizontally and vertically. This provides the player with a lot more winning opportunities than a standard three reel slot, and also means that wins can be had on more than one line every spin!

So, there you have it, a quick overview of Vacation Station Deluxe! Make sure you check it out for yourself! Good luck at the casino!



Ashley Hughes