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Introducing Coral’s poker side games!

| 24.03.2016

Sometimes, and we know it’s a rarity, but once in a blue moon you can get a little bored of playing poker. We know, we know, ‘it will never happen to me’ you say, and sure, we know it sound crazy, but sometimes a little variety never hurt. They say after all, variety is the spice of life, and well at Coral we believe that you should be able to play the occasional game of roulette or blackjack on our poker portal.

So, that’s what we’ve done – we’ve added blackjack and roulette and put them to the side. Hence the name, side games.

The joy of playing blackjack on the side

So, it’s been a long day grinding down the fish at the tables and now you want to relax. You don’t fancy switching off just yet though, and fancy another card game to get you through the evening. Well, instead of playing another game of poker – that could go on for hours – you could always give Britain’s favourite card game a go – blackjack!

But wait! You don’t want to have to change screens or mess about with log-ins and transferring poker funds, that’s just too much hassle. Well! Never fear, because guess what, you can do it all from the poker tab! Simply select blackjack from our sides games tab and you can play blackjack with your poker funds.

Spin your way to glory on our poker tab!

If you fancy a game of roulette, but can’t be bothered with all the hassle, then, again, you can easily access our dedicated roulette game from our side games tab. This gives you the option to play a quick game of roulette, on your phone, tablet or laptop, with your poker funds! It’s honestly as easy as that!

So, there you go, if you fancy playing blackjack or roulette with your poker funds then you have the option to do so on our poker tab. No more messing around switching funds about! Good luck at the tables from the Coral team!



Ashley Hughes