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The complete guide to Coral’s poker tournaments!

| 05.02.2016

Coral poker not only has an amazing range of regular poker tournaments that occur day in, day out. No, we also have a huge range of special tournaments that allow you get the most out of your poker journey with Coral.

We know it’s no longer good enough to offer you a consistent flow of regular tournaments – heck, anybody can do that! You know, those sit ‘n goes and those regular £500 GTD tournaments that you’ve seemingly been playing forever. Well here at Coral we’ve had enough. Somebody has to do something new, right? Well, we’ve gone ahead and set the precedent by creating 9 dedicated tournaments that really do spice up the world of poker.

Included in this awesome package of tournaments are freerolls that payout in free bets, multi-table freerolls that throw four tables at once for you to manage and beat the team tournaments where you get paid for knocking-out Coral’s own finest. Really, things are about to heat up and we want you to be a part of it. If you’d like more information on our amazing poker tournaments then click here. Otherwise read on below and prepare yourself for an almighty shock!

The Sunday line-up – €100K Big Sunday event

Imagine a whole Sunday dedicated to poker! You get out of bed and – bang! The house is kid-free. It’s just you, the sofa and your laptop. Stroll over to your radio and select your favourite station – yes, you can play the station dedicated to the 80s, it’s okay, nobody can hear you. Finally, grab your sunglasses so nobody can read your facial expressions when you’re slamming down aces and bluffing your opponents – well, sure, they can’t see you but it’s all for effect. You’re about to take part in one of the biggest poker events of the week, and when it comes to poker, you’re serious!

Our amazing range of Sunday tournaments will blow you away. Kick off the day at 12:00 with the €5K Sunday Lunch, which only lines your stomach for the €100k Big Sunday Event at 18:00 where you have the chance to bag yourself a whopping share of €100K! Once you’ve digested all of that treat yourself to a little desert in the form of the €10K Sunday Eclipse. By then the kids have crashed back in and Grandma is looking a bit shattered, but you’ve gone and done it – you’ve had your weekly fix of poker.

Free-bet freerolls – bag yourself a £10 free sports bet!

It’s Thursday and you’ve checked out the weekend’s sports fixtures. You’re a Manchester United fan, but you’ve had enough of feeling deflated after losing pretty much every single weekend. You’ve had a brainwave – ‘If I bet on United to lose, I’ll feel better after the match.’ So, you’re about to embark on the journey to the bookies when you realise, ‘I can win a free bet via Coral’s free-bet freeroll.’ You pat yourself on the shoulder, grab your laptop and get some practice in on the free-play section, sitting anxiously until the clock strikes 9pm. One quick glance at the clock later and you realise, ‘It’s time for action.’ Take a sip of coffee and prepare yourself for 2 hours of intense poker.

Our free-bet freeroll awards 200 players a £10 free bet every single week. Due to popular demand we’ve actually increased the chances of winning so, honestly, there’s no better time than now to head on over to our poker tab and bag yourself that free bet you so desperately deserve.

Winner takes all freeroll – £5, on the hour, every hour!


If you’re a fan of the 80s you might think at first sight that this tournament features in an Abba-themed poker room. Disappointingly, we don’t have an Abba themed poker room, but you could say this tournament’s theme-song is ‘The Winner Takes it All.’ With freeroll tournaments on the hour, every hour and a top-prize of £5, these super-fast freerolls will keep you entertained, even when your bankroll is looking a little dry.

With so many freerolls to play, who really cares about losing when there’s another just around the corner! Well, yeah, everyone cares about losing, but you know what we mean, right?

£2K loyalty freeroll – Freerolls for our most loyal players

Every month we give away £2K worth of freerolls through our amazing loyalty scheme. Basically, the more poker you play with Coral the more poker points you get. The more poker points you get, the more rewards you get. The more rewards you get, well, the more likely you are to gain access to our freerolls. The more freerolls you’re in the more likely you are to bag some free cash. It’s honestly as simple as that!

All that’s required to get yourself started is 50 loyalty points, which will allow you to play in one of our 3-weekly tournaments. Level 2 players gain access to tournaments with a prize pool of £25. Level 4 players get access to tables that payout £100 and level 6 players get the best deal with access to tables with a prize-pool of £375. Basically, the more you play with Coral, the more you’ll get in terms of loyalty bonuses! It’s that simple!

Super Sunday Freeroll – Combining football and poker!

Sunday football is generally a display of the Premier League’s finest teams. You’re usually going to find one big team – United, Liverpool, Arsenal, City, Chelsea – battling it out for 3-points. Sure, we understand that footy might take precedence over poker, but what if we combined the two to create the greatest thing on Earth.

Well, every Sunday we host our amazing Super Sunday Freeroll, which offers a prize-pool of £500 and is available to all our poker players. What’s better is that if you win the tournament, every goal that is scored throughout our selected match will award you an awesome cash bonus! Get paid when your favourite – or most hated – team scores!

This weekend’s featured game is the Chelsea vs United match, which kicks-off at 16:00!

Beat The Team – Knock out Coral’s finest and bag prizes

So, we’ve sent our players undercover in a sneaky attempt to test your skills. They’re good our guys, they really are, so you’ll have to be sharp to knock them out. To reward you for beating our experts we’re willing to pay out a €50 sports bet or a token to our €100K poker tournament. Either way, you’re going to bag yourself a pretty awesome reward.

You’ll find Coral’s guys in our dedicated €5.50 buy-in tournament, and with a total pot of €500, it really makes this tournament worth playing. So, do you have what it takes to beat the team and bag the bounty?

£1K Depositors freeroll – Get your poker experience started!


Our £1K depositors freeroll takes place every Friday night at 8pm and gives you the chance to win a share of £250 for simply depositing into your Coral poker account. Sounds pretty generic right? Well, we’ve decided to add our own little twist.

You get access to our depositors freeroll by sticking £10 into your account, okay. Well, if you were to place £100 into your account you’d actually get access to four depositors freerolls, with £250 pots, at the same time. Imagine the insanity of playing four tables at the same time, for absolutely nothing! Yeah, pretty mental indeed. Deposit now and see what we mean!

Coral Connect poker – Free daily poker tournaments


With £100 up for grabs every night, alongside a prize-pool of £500 every Friday night, all of our Coral Connect customers are treated to the very best poker tournaments money can offer. If you’d like to know more about Coral Connect then head on over to our dedicated page.

So, that’s pretty much all the special tournaments that Coral has to offer. Of course, we have a huge range of regular tournaments
that are available around the clock, but our range of special tournaments are, well… truly special. Good luck!



Ashley Hughes