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Coral go Coupon crazy! A review of all our offers for the Premier League season

| 07.08.2015

With a new football season comes a clutch of awesome offers for punters to take advantage of. Following their popularity last term, we thought we would give customers an overview of what is available this time around and the best features, advantages and benefits of each one!

Long List Coupon
These don’t have specific names, however, it is a long list of upcoming fixtures which shows the odds on each team winning. You simply mark the ‘H’ column for a home win, the ‘A’ column for an away win, or the ‘D’ column for a draw.

Goals Goals Goals
This includes a list similar to that of the previous coupon, however, this is split into two. On the left, you select the fixtures in which you believe both teams will score, while on the right you select the fixtures in which you believe a goal will be scored.

One of the best things about this coupon is you can follow this from the comfort of your own home as you watch the scores come in, which can be an entertaining way to while away a few hours!

Winning Ways
Another that is split into two halves, instead of just picking a team to win a match, you can decide the method of victory. Will they win while also conceding or win to nil?

One of the most appealing features of this is that there is a chance to win a large amount from a small stake. Furthermore, you can use it to place anything from a single to a 24 fold as well as including up to three multiple bets.

How Many Goals?
In this intriguing coupon, you can bet on the amount of goals in a match. With a choice of four options available to choose from which includes ‘Over 1’, ‘Over 2’, ‘Over 3’ and ‘Over 4’, you can place four different bets on this coupon.

Win And Overs
Combining two other coupons, you not only predict which team will win, but also the amount of goals, such as ‘Over 2’. The attractive thing about this is that if you can get really good odds on big teams when choosing the amount of goals that will be scored as well.

Team To Score First And Last
This coupon is new for this season, where you are given a chance to choose which team will score the first and last goal in their selected match. With this you have an opportunity to win right up until the last second, due to the team to score last bet.

Acca Stacka
Also new this season, the Acca Stacka features a range of matches similar to those on the Long List, but with an added twist. Every week, we choose one team on the coupon to act as your Free Selection. The customer then puts together their acca, picking a minimum of five other teams they think will win their matches.

If the Free Selection, and the your selections all win, you are paid out at the full odds! If the Free Selection doesn’t win, but the yours all do, then you will still be paid out on your own selections.

With this coupon, the team that is most likely to win the match has a handicap and, as such, you decide the margin of victory. For example, if a team has a handicap of -1, you select them to win by two or more goals, following this process up to -3, which would be a margin of victory by four or more goals. You can have up to three bets on this coupon, one for each of the handicaps to increase your chances of winning!

An exciting coupon which features a list of players to score in 10 possible matches and this allows you to pick which player will score first in their respective game, however, own goals do not count.

Should you think that a game will not have any goals, there is the option to pick ‘no goalscorer’, while there is also the chance to pick singles or multiples.

Better Odds
This coupon is similar to the Long List, covering domestic and European leagues and you simply mark each match ‘H’, ‘A’ or ‘D’. However, the main difference is that for one match, there will be better odds on one team and you can bet up to three times on the same coupon.

This coupon contains matches found on the regular Long List Coupons, but re-arranged and divided into a number of different sections according to the favourites odds, with the shortest odds favourites in the first sections and the bigger odds at the bottom.

You must pick at least one team from each section in an accumulator (if they fail to select a team in any of the sections the coupon will not scan). Because of the range of different odds, the returns on a winning bet on this coupon can be big.

Listing six possible events on a specific live televised match, or a range of matches, for this coupon, you can select Yes or No, depending on whether or not you believe that outcome will happen.

For example, Chelsea to win five or more corners (Yes or No). A selection must be made for all six events, but they do not all have to be the same answer, you can elect to give a mixture of Yes and No answers.

If all six selections are correct, the customer is guaranteed the winning odds displayed on the coupon (usually 33/1). If, for any reason, any of the events are deemed void (such as those involving a player who plays no part in the match), then the bet will continue to run on the other five events, with the odds on a winning bet adjusted accordingly (usually 16/1.)

If more than one event is deemed void, then the whole bet becomes void, and stakes are returned. Some Yes/No options are also now included on the new Live Match Coupon.

This an entertaining way to add excitement to a match while watching it live, as you can follow your bets while the game is happening.

Featuring fifteen forthcoming fixtures, you can select a Home win, an Away win, or a Draw and a selection must be made for each match. If you wish, you can select more than one outcome in any match, such Home and Draw, though this will increase the stake of the bet.

The difference with this coupon as opposed to our other football products, is that all the stakes taken are added to a pool, and the winnings are not calculated by odds, but by how many other winners there are, similar to the National Lottery, or a Scoop 6 bet.

If the customer selects the winning outcome in all fifteen matches, they win the jackpot pool money or share it with any other winners. If there are no winners for that week, the prize money rolls over to the following week. Because finding fifteen winners is very hard to do, we also offer consolations for customers who get thirteen or fourteen winners.



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