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Coral present poker school

| 11.05.2015

You’ve watched it on TV, maybe even on the internet and whilst it looks exciting it also looks confusing. Well, if you’re ready to take your first step into the world of poker, why not head on down to Coral’s Poker School where you will get some helpful, free advice.

It may be that you’ve tried learning before and you’ve just found it too confusing. Honestly, we know that pain with those confusing websites using terms like ‘implied odds’ and ‘fold equity’ – what the hell is that mean to mean? Most of the time these websites read like a stock brokers guide and not a helpful poker website, Coral Poker School is completely different.

With easy to follow videos, presented by experienced poker players who know the game inside out, their interactive format is great for beginners, intermediate players or even the greatest player on Earth, who just needs to brush up on his skills.

Videos and content are provided by some of the brightest poker players Coral has to offer. Ben Jenkins, who will advise you on Texas Holdem and playing tournament Poker whilst David Nicholson who will advise you on Pot-Limit Omaha.

The page is split into three sections – beginner, intermediate and advance.

Three different skill level videos are available now

The beginner’s section will take you through the key fundamentals that make up poker and tournament play. Here you’ll learn how to handle yourself at the start of those daunting tournaments, how to manage your stack at the beginning, the right types of bets to make and how to beat the bubble – which is a fancy term for making it into the paying stages – see you’re learning already!

But if you’re not already tournament ready then don’t worry! – Ben will teach you everything you need to know to get started such as which hand is better than the other and the basic rules that you’ll need to know.

The intermediate section will teach you how not only to make it to the paid stages, but how to hold your own when things get a little more intense. We’ve all been there where you’ve finally got into the money, but you suddenly become a little nervous about how you should play. Ben will take you through some scenarios which will help you get through the middle and end stages of any poker tournament.

The Advance section will provide you with some helpful hints and tips for any poker game you might come across. It will give you a well rounded approach to Poker that you’ll be able to carry with you throughout your casual Friday night game – or even a flourishing Poker career!

This section will also feature David Nicholson who will shed some light on how to play Pot-Limit Omaha, from the basics to advanced strategy. It is advisable that you have a knowledge of regular Poker before you go on to play it’s variants so make sure you check out Ben Johnson’s videos first.

So if you’ve got a bit of free time why don’t you visit Coral’s Poker School – with free, helpful advice, it’s certainly going to improve your game!



Sam Barnard

Sam has been writing for Coral since January 2014, and is the assistant editor of the news site. As well as the main betting sports, football, tennis and cricket, he covers the likes of golf, F1 and darts too, the latter of which has become a particular favourite. Sam enjoys playing as much as writing about sports, but niggling injuries have limited his participation in recent years, so is happy to mainly watch the pros such as Manchester United, Yorkshire CCC, Raymond van Barneveld and even Gibraltar national football team instead.