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Coral’s scintillating Super Bowl Infographic!

| 31.01.2015

With the Super Bowl, America’s flagship sporting event imminent, Coral give you the low-down on the event, including all of the important, need-to-know statistics.

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As New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks prepare to go head-to-head, we provide you with some interesting info, as we countdown in earnest to the big match.

With the record for the amount of Super Bowls won standing at six (by Pittsburgh Steelers), the Patriots with three in close succession earlier last decade have some way to go to catch up, while the Seahawks will be hoping to add to their, solitary, yet recent victory in 2013.

It is some achievement to even appear in the Super Bowl and most American footballers dream of this from a young age, though to do so consecutively is remarkable. However, Gale Gilbert didn’t only feature on two successive occasions, but five, with Buffalo and San Diego.

The Super Bowl wouldn’t be the same without in-game refreshments and, following last year’s sales figures, vendors will clearly be hoping for a repeat. Can you imagine hotdogs that total four miles in distance? In 2014, that’s the sheer volume sold. And that is just one product.

In the 7000 cheesesteak sandwiches sold last year, there were, wait for it, four million calories which means it would take 36,000 miles to burn that off!

Remember Jerry Rice anyone? Well, it was this man who has the most amount touchdowns over four Super Bowls for San Francisco and Oakland. And, you shouldn’t even think about advertising during the television commercials, unless you have a spare $4m! This is the cost of a 30-second ad space.

While everyone enjoys a drink, nobody is likely to ever sip 500 Olympic-sized swimming pools’ worth of beer in one sitting. That is the predicted statistic for this year. On this note, we’re sure all this reading has made you thirsty, so enjoy the Super Bowl!

Coral Super Bowl infographic



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