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Traitor taunt to motivate McGeady to score for Republic against Scotland?

| 14.11.2014

Following jibes at Aiden McGeady by pundit, and former Scotland international Gordon McQueen, that he and fellow teammate James McCarthy have opted to ply their trade for Republic of Ireland, the former is a very tempting 7/2 to hit back and net anytime in his hometown.

Both players were born in the greater Glasgow region, though parentage qualified them to make a choice between their native nation and the Republic of Ireland.

An outraged McQueen clearly cannot let this issue drop. “I hate that,” he said, in reference to players being born in one country, but representing another. “I’ve got no time for these players. You’re born in Glasgow but then you go and play for somebody else? What’s that all about? I’m not having that at all.

“Will it be hard for them coming back here with Ireland? I really hope so. I hope they get a horrible reception because they deserve it. I’m sure somebody must have asked them to play or Scotland at some stage.

“You’re either Scottish or you’re not Scottish and you should know that by the time you’re 12 years of age. I played alongside the likes of Bob Wilson and Bruce Rioch, who were born in England but they always considered themselves Scottish,” the 62-year-old continued.

“That’s all I want. If you feel Scottish then you’re Scottish but I hate these guys who think: ‘I can’t get a game for England so I’ll play for Scotland’.”

McGeady has represented Republic of Ireland on 63 occasions so far in his career, scoring five times and contributing 12 assists. The 28-year-old has also netted for Everton this season, while laying on four more for his teammates.

His boss at national level, Martin O’Neil, has hit back at McQueen, however, saying that booing won’t affect his performance.

“He (McGeady) has chosen to play for Ireland, which is his prerogative,” O’Neil said.

Shedding some light on the player’s decision, O’Neil continued: “At the time he chose, I may well have been his manager at Celtic. I have to say now that, although at the time I had absolutely nothing to do with his decision, I am absolutely delighted he chose to follow his forefathers from Donegal.

“Remember that while the game is being played at Celtic Park it will not be made up necessarily all of Celtic-chanting supporters. [Booing or cheering] is the prerogative of fans to choose. But I don’t think it would have an impact on such a precocious kid.

“It’s natural you would prefer people to applaud a piece of brilliance, rather than booing it, but he’s gained experience now and at the age he’s at I think he’ll take this in his stride.”



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