Alan Shearer’s Italy v England preview: One game from greatness, we’ve got the quality to win

Harry Kane

Our Matchday Squad journalist will be covering England throughout Euro 2020

There can be no doubt that that two teams that have made the final, have been the best two sides in the tournament.

From the opening match, Italy have been impressive and their unbeaten record tells you all about how good they are at the moment.

They have an unbelievable goalkeeper, two giants in Bonucci and Chiellini, talent all over the pitch and in Jorginho the player who keeps everything ticking along.

This will be a huge test for England in what will be a very tight game. Despite Italy’s lack of pace, they do play a high line and I think that is the area of weakness that England will look to expose. Sterling, Saka, or Sancho if he plays, can get in-behind with Kane dropping deep as he did to brilliant effect in the equalising goal against Denmark.

England’s defence will come under a lot of pressure at different points in the game and they will have to fight hard, as they did at points against the Danes.

We are one game away from greatness and it will be an amazing spectacle. The belief of the Wembley crowd, the tactical decisions of Gareth Southgate and the quality of players we have off the bench can all make the difference.

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