Alan Shearer on Wayne Rooney’s recent antics and Manchester United


Alan Shearer on Wayne Rooney and Man Utd

Coral football ambassador Alan Shearer sat down with our very own Nicola McGeady to discuss recent events from the footballing world, relating to Manchester United and England.

Shearer talks about Wayne Rooney’s recent off-the-field antics, having been pictured on a night out on international duty, and how the Red Devils are progressing this current campaign.

Watch the exclusive videos in full below, and read the best quotes we’ve picked out as Alan answers some burning questions.

“I have some sympathy for the press coverage that Wayne Rooney gets at times”

After the recent images of England and Man Utd skipper Rooney in the press, Alan admitted he has sympathy for the striker and thinks the situation needs to be forgotten about now.

“I have some sympathy for the press coverage that Wayne Rooney gets at times,” stated Alan. “He went out for a drink, he signed autographs, he had pictures taken. He apologised, move on.”

“He didn’t break any rules and it was much to do with nothing I feel, as he stayed in the hotel. That’s the way I look at it.”

“He was in the hotel, it was his night off, he probably knew he wasn’t playing on the Tuesday, so he had a few drinks? Everyone does it.”

“They were much improved last week against Arsenal”

Moving onto Rooney’s club Man Utd, Alan believes they are moving in the right direction this season after many blips but are still a long way off being what Jose Mourinho usually expects from his sides.

“They were much improved last week against Arsenal but they are still a long way off where Mourinho will want his team to be,” said Alan of the Red Devils. “They’ve spent huge sums of money on a lot of players, some who are playing and some who aren’t.

“But they’re soon going to have to convert those chances that they are creating or else they will encounter problems week in week out. It was a lot better last weekend, they moved the ball and created a lot more chances.”

Next up for the Red Devils is West Ham United and Alan thinks they should be able to get the job done, despite previous troubles with Mourinho’s team selections and being unable to kill games off.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done at Manchester United. I certainly think they can do that [get a result] against West Ham,” he explained.

“They are conceding a lot of goals and against Tottenham last weekend they did alright until the last three or four minutes when stupid defending cost them.”


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