Alan Shearer: “It was time for Arsene Wenger to go”

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Premier League legend has his say on Wenger’s exit

It’s time for Arsene to go in the summer, even though he probably should have gone after last season’s FA Cup success.

The owners must have seen the empty seats at the Emirates Stadium and it has been getting worse over the last few weeks. When you look back at what he has achieved in English football, it is very sad to see him go out this way.

Arsene has won three league titles and seven FA Cups during his spell at Arsenal. I’d love to see him win the Europa League this season so he gets the send-off he deserves.

I played against the Arsenal team in the 1998 FA Cup final and they were an unbelievable side which was full of leaders. You also look back at the Invincibles and they also were an outstanding team.

I think that is why Arsenal fans have become so frustrated in recent years, as they had it so good at the start of his spell at the club. For them to be languishing now in sixth position and have no chance of finishing in the top four, that is why there have been so many loud voices against him.

Changed the culture

It has been very well documented that Arsene completely changed the way his squad trained and ate during his early years at the club. I was fully aware that there was a drinking culture there from meeting up with players during England duty.

He banned drinking alcohol at the club and the training ground and nobody could argue as the improvement of those players was there for all to see.

Arsene Wenger was involved in one of the biggest rivalries in the history of English football with Sir Alex Ferguson which made for great viewing.

What it also did was bring the best out of the players and management team at both football clubs. The rivalry was that intense they were desperate to get the better of their opponent.

Managerial turnover

I know you always get an exception, but this may be the last time we see a manager at a top football club like Arsenal for as long as Arsene stayed there.

It is a very similar situation with players now in that you don’t see them stay around for 10-15 years at one club. That is due to the demands of immediate success at these football clubs.

We are now seeing a turnaround in managers and players more often than we ever have before.

The future

I would be very surprised if Arsene was finished with football. He might have a break for a while but I am sure he will be back and there will be no shortage of interest.

For Arsenal, they now have a big decision to make as to who they turn to. The concern for whoever does come in is what happened at Manchester United when Sir Alex left.

Whoever goes in there will have a very difficult job.

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