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BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2015
Chris Froome
5/2 3.50
A P McCoy
3/1 4.00
Lewis Hamilton
7/2 4.50
Katarina Johnson Thompson
10/1 11.00
Many AP returns
It's early days, but McCoy is now the one to beat after he announced his retirement this year. He deserves every accolade in town for living as long as he has on a measly 1000 calories each day. Bet now at Coral.
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Betting Highlights
Hulkamania could be about to run wild in the CBB house, swapping steel chairs for the diary room chair. Hogan's name is in tatters after his racist outburst was caught on tape, which makes him a dream contestant for producers of the show. Bet now.
David Gest
5/1 6.00
Eamonn Holmes
6/1 7.00
Bobby Davro
7/1 8.00
Christopher Biggins
7/1 8.00
Price going out / Drifting
Price coming in / Shortening

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  • Scottish Premiership Treble - Celtic, Inverness & Kilmarnock all to win
    5/1 6.00
  • Campbell, Rose & Burns all to win by KO
    9/2 5.50
  • De Bruyne's Next Club
    Man City
    1/3 1.33
  • Ibrahimovic's Next Club
    AC Milan
    6/4 2.50
  • Cavani's Next Club
    Manchester United
    1/2 1.50
  • Pedro's Next Club
    25/1 26.00
  • Kane's Next Club
    Manchester United
    5/2 3.50
  • Pogba's Next Club
    Manchester City
    4/5 1.80

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