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Where else might you be able to find a Masterchef, DJ, rugby player, a Saturday, a TV presenter or four, an Essex boy, an Eastender, one of Blue, a singer, doctor, Mrs Brown's daughter and Andy Murray's mum? Get involved and back your winner.
7:00pm - BBC One
Pixie Lott
2/1 3.00
Jake Wood
5/2 3.50
Frankie Bridge
11/4 3.75
Caroline Flack
11/1 12.00
In April, viewers saw Lucy Beale's body lying in the middle of Walford Common and since then her family have gone through hell as they try to find her killer. The latest suspect is Albert Square's shifty new undertaker Les Coker. Have your say at Coral.
12:00am - BBC One
Jane Beale
7/2 4.50
Ian Beale
4/1 5.00
Denise Fox
11/2 6.50
Jay Brown
13/2 7.50
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