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T.Harry-Fritz v A.Santillan
4/9 1.44
7/4 2.75
Harry Fritz v Santillan - PRE
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Tennis betting at Coral

Known as the 'Sport of Kings' tennis originated in the monastic cloisters of 12th century France, with some even claiming it was played by the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Today, however, it is one of the most popular and recognisable games in the world! The best men, women and doubles competitors all come together to battle it out for their respective Grand Slam titles each year. The 2017 season promises much in tennis, with Great Britain's Andy Murray ranked men's world number one after Wimbledon, Olympics and ATP World Tour Finals successes in 2016. Novak Djokovic, so long a dominant force after finally achieving a Career Grand Slam with French Open glory, is left licking his wounds. A resurgent Juan Martin del Potro led Argentina to Davis Cup glory, but can that translate to singles success in the New Year? There's also injury returns for Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to look forward to. In the women's game, meanwhile, Angelique Kerber holds both Australian Open and US Open titles as well as top spot in the rankings, with Serena Williams still seeking to set a new Open Era record for singles Grand Slams outright. Petra Kvitova and Victoria Azarenka remain off the court for personal reasons alongside the banned Maria Sharapova, leaving space for a new generation to flourish on the WTA Tour.

A great range of tennis markets

There are a wide variety of bets available to customers from Coral including outright tournament and match betting, with more niche markets on offer too, such as correct set score, total games odd/even and many more. Also take advantage of our in-play markets, offering great live odds on thousands of outcomes from the exact score of the next game and set winner to whether there's a tiebreak and who wins it. You can even watch games live through our integrated streaming service and get all the latest tips, opinion and reaction from If that's not enough, then Coral customers can also take advantage of our specials section, where you'll find unique odds on individual players to win a certain number of Grand Slams for the season and more. At Coral, we're determined to give our customers the best experience possible; raising the game as always!

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Where's The Money Going?

  • 2:30 Wetherby
    55% Aces Over Eights
    3/1 4.00
    28% Top And Drop
    2/1 3.00
    8% Money Maid
    5/1 6.00
    4% Mollyanna
    15/2 8.50
    2% Massini's Lady
    9/1 10.00
  • 3:30 Wetherby
    64% Lightening Rod
    3/1 4.00
    24% Unzing
    7/2 4.50
    7% Plaisir D'amour
    5/1 6.00
    2% Chestnut Ben
    7/2 4.50
    1% Oscatara
    6/1 7.00
  • 3:40 Southwell
    39% Lady Nayef
    4/1 5.00
    34% Archimedes
    6/1 7.00
    11% Escalating
    10/3 4.33
    8% Crosse Fire
    10/1 11.00
    3% Captain Lars
    4/1 5.00
  • 3:50 Taunton
    78% Towering
    5/4 2.25
    18% Danvinnie
    18/1 19.00
    2% Zanstra
    13/2 7.50
    1% Heroes Or Ghosts
    15/2 8.50
    1% Handsome Sam
    6/1 7.00
  • 4:00 Wetherby
    25% Aengus
    9/1 10.00
    24% Mortens Leam
    14/1 15.00
    16% Milan Express
    9/2 5.50
    10% Being Global
    20/1 21.00
    6% Buckontupence
    7/1 8.00
  • 4:20 Taunton
    32% Bertimont
    4/1 5.00
    27% Top Tug
    11/4 3.75
    21% Sizing Granite
    15/2 8.50
    13% Tommy Silver
    9/4 3.25
    4% Mr Kit Cat
    10/1 11.00
  • 4:30 Wetherby
    31% Fill The Power
    9/1 10.00
    30% Sharney Sike
    5/1 6.00
    21% Suzy's Music
    9/2 5.50
    7% Thedrinkymeister
    15/2 8.50
    6% Scarlet Fire
    7/2 4.50

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