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Betting Highlights
Not like Theresa May to backtrack. Prior to the general election she stated that if the Tories were to lose 6 seats or more she would step down. 12 lost seats later and here she is trying to do a deal with the DUP. How long will she last? Bet at Coral.
7/4 2.75
2/1 3.00
3/1 4.00
2020 or later
6/1 7.00

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Enhanced Odds & Specials

  • James Wade, Mensur Suljovic, Gary Anderson and Peter Wright All to Win (Was 6/5)
    11/8 2.37
  • Levante, Chelsea and Celtic all to win (WAS 3/1)
    4/1 5.00
  • Cavaliers, Celtics and Wizards all to win (was 7/2)
    9/2 5.50

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