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Overall Majority
Conservative Majority
1/8 1.12
No Overall Majority
7/1 8.00
Labour Majority
20/1 21.00
Liberal Democrat Majority
100/1 101.00
UKIP Majority
200/1 201.00
Cash in on the saboteurs
Seen the price on a Tory win? It's mostly down to such weak opposition, as there's more chance of the Lib Dems winning more seats than Labour than the reds gaining a majority vote. Don't wait for June, back May now.
General Election Specials
Lab to win more votes than Lib Dems
1/12 1.08
Tory Majority Over 100
4/6 1.67
Lib Dems to win more votes than Lab
6/1 7.00
UKIP to win more votes than Lab
16/1 17.00
Here's looking at UKIP
Corbyn could soon be Corbout. Labour's take on Brexit is almost as confusing as Brexit, while the Lib Dems and the SNP will hope to woo disappointed pro-EU voters with their clear anti-Brexit stance. Bet now.
Price going out / Drifting
Price coming in / Shortening

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  • Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics and Utah Jazz all to win
    333/100 4.33
  • Dodgers and Giants both to win
    7/4 2.75

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