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Next Permanent James Bond
Tom Hardy
3/1 4.00
Aidan Turner
3/1 4.00
James Norton
3/1 4.00
Michael Fassbender
3/1 4.00
Idris Elba
8/1 9.00
I expect you to bet!
Forget about the first black Bond, we could soon have our first villain playing 007. Tom Hardy is one of the hottest properties in Hollywood at the moment, but seldom plays a good guy. Don't be left shaken, get on.
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Price going out / Drifting
Price coming in / Shortening

Movie specials - Betting on the stars!

On this page you will find our dedicated movie specials markets. Each of the markets available on this page are dedicated to the wide world of Hollywood and beyond. At the top of the screen you can find the very latest in Oscar 2016 betting – from best picture to best supporting actor. We also feature markets from award ceremonies such as The Golden Globes and the BAFTAs. Towards the bottom of the page you will find all the film betting highlights. This box contains key information about potential winners and losers. This is kept up-to-date for every award ceremony that takes places across the year and so is perfect if you are looking for that insider scoop. Clicking on the links in the middle section will take you to their relevant pages. Here you can find odds for all potential winners in each sections.

The thrills of movie betting!

2015 - 2016 has seen a lot of amazing movies released such as The Revenant, The Big Short and The Martian – have you been keeping up to date with all the latest movies? If so, this page is perfect for you. Will Leonardo Di Caprio finally bag that Oscar he has been longing for? Will Sylvester Stallone get hands on one for himself? Do you know which movie is going to take first place at Toronto Film Festival and will Ricky Gervais return to present the Golden Globes? If you have an eye for all things film then you have found the right place for you. Take all your knowledge of Hollywood and make the most of it via this dedicated films betting page. If you’re not one for sports betting then our specials pages are perfect for you; we have dedicated pages for TV-betting, music betting and even political specials. If you crave the betting experience but sports baffle you then head on over to one of our specials pages and get involved in all the action. You don’t need to support a football team to enjoy betting.

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  • Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics and Utah Jazz all to win
    333/100 4.33
  • Dodgers and Giants both to win
    7/4 2.75

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