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Lotto betting with Coral

Coral’s dedicated lotto betting page gives you the opportunity to bet on the outcome of 10 lotteries around the world without ever having to purchase a ticket. Instead of choosing all five numbers from a draw (like the regular lotto) you have the opportunity to choose between one and five. Basically, if you are looking for an alternative to Lotto HotPicks then you’re in the right place. Our lotto section comes jam-packed with various offers and bonuses, all of which you can find on our promotions page. By playing lotto with Coral, you’ll also receive up to 10 per cent cashback on lotto every week, bringing you fantastic value for money. While some bookies might limit your winnings, Coral has one of the highest maximum wins on the web, with the opportunity to scoop up to £500,000 on all of our lotto draws. With more lotteries, more promotions and more ways to bet, Coral is truly the champion of lotto.

Experience a vast array of international lotteries

Have you ever wanted to bet on the Australian lotto, but dreaded the 24-hour journey? How about playing the Hong Kong lottery without having to face the stuffy climate? Whatever your reasons are, you can now forget them all with our easy to use lotto betting page. With so many lotteries from around the world, you are never short of action. Our featured lotteries are; the Singapore lotto, Australian lotto, French lotto, Irish lotto, Hong Kong lotto, German lotto, Canadian lotto, New York lotto and the Spanish Lotto. Coral also host their own lotto, the 49s, which takes place at teatime and lunchtime every single day of the week. You can also bet on the results of the Health Lottery! A correct selection of five numbers will typically bring you returns of 150000/1 on most of our selected lotteries. To be in with a shot of winning life-changing sums of money, play with Coral and experience the many lotteries from around the world.

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Where's The Money Going?

  • 5:35 Doncaster
    22% Castle Harbour
    5/2 3.50
    19% Silent Attack
    6/1 7.00
    16% Right Touch
    7/1 8.00
    16% Sovereign Debt
    4/1 5.00
    11% Dutch Law
    7/1 8.00
  • 6:05 Chelmsford
    32% Gabridan
    2/1 3.00
    21% Miss Mayson
    10/3 4.33
    14% Queen Celeste
    14/1 15.00
    7% Eid Rose
    20/1 21.00
    6% Sweet Sienna
    8/1 9.00
  • 7:10 Chelmsford
    21% Al Khan
    7/1 8.00
    18% Brazos
    8/1 9.00
    10% Exchequer
    8/1 9.00
    10% Baddilini
    8/1 9.00
    8% Valley of Fire
    6/1 7.00
  • 7:40 Chelmsford
    37% Transmitting
    9/4 3.25
    28% Mercy Me
    10/3 4.33
    16% Sennockian Song
    15/2 8.50
    6% Ruby Wednesday
    16/1 17.00
    5% Topamichi
    16/1 17.00
  • 9:10 Chelmsford
    66% Horsforth
    9/2 5.50
    11% Zipedeedodah
    9/2 5.50
    9% Socialites Red
    4/1 5.00
    4% Swanton Blue
    15/2 8.50
    3% Red Flute
    10/1 11.00

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