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The meteoric rise of darts has seen it transcend from an activity partaken in almost exclusively by overweight, middle-aged folk in grotty locals to one of the flashiest sports broadcasts on the small screen. While the athleticism of the players may not have improved, the fortunes that they can win have come in for serious inflation and with major tournaments taking place across the year fans are always amply entertained. Coral are here for those who enjoy that little bit more than the echoing thud of tungsten on cork, providing odds on all the main events in the field of dartistry. Both franchises  the BDO and PDC  have odds for every one of their frontline competitions priced up at Coral, with every match being made available for fans to bet on. That encompasses the World Championships from both organisations, PDC classics such as the UK Open, World Matchplay, Grand Slam and Premier League  a behemoth of a competition that takes place every Thursday between February and May - and the BDO World Masters. This medley of competitions is supplemented by a broad betting spectrum that takes in the scorer of the most 180s, the highest checkout hitter and whether a nine-darter will be hit, amongst many others, on every game. Whoever is gracing the oche, you can guarantee will be poised with an arsenal of odds for all your darts betting requirements.

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Where's The Money Going?

  • 4:55 Musselburgh
    48% Red Baron
    3/1 4.00
    16% Lady Ibrox
    9/2 5.50
    10% Moorhouse Lad
    5/1 6.00
    8% Opt Out
    8/1 9.00
    6% L'Ami Louis
    6/1 7.00
  • 5:20 Lingfield
    39% Grandeur
    13/8 2.62
    18% Dick Doughtywylie
    15/2 8.50
    13% Aussie Reigns
    11/1 12.00
    13% Robin Hoods Bay
    9/2 5.50
    9% Solar Deity
    6/1 7.00
  • 5:30 Musselburgh
    65% Go Nani Go
    2/1 3.00
    15% Space Artist
    10/3 4.33
    6% Angus Og
    7/1 8.00
    6% Royal Bajan
    5/1 6.00
    4% We'll Deal Again
    8/1 9.00
  • 6:00 Musselburgh
    29% Goodlukin Lucy
    4/1 5.00
    27% Stormy Morning
    3/1 4.00
    19% Naburn
    3/1 4.00
    9% Silver Tigress
    12/1 13.00
    6% Anne's Valentino
    7/1 8.00