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From the heights of the NBA with celebrity players such as Lebron James and his Miami Heat, all the way to the Marjon Plymouth Raiders, Coral can satisfy all of your basketball betting needs. We cover every betting angle on every hoop thrown in the NBA, with match betting prices chalked every game  along with a spattering of other favourites  while the range of outright offerings encompasses conference winners, the outcome of the all-star game and, obviously, who will be crowned seasonal NBA champion, amongst others. As is common practice in American sports, college-standard is subject to an immense interest and Coral gives customers the chance to check out the hottest prospects in basketball by providing odds on the NCAA, while the female equivalent of the NBA, the WNBA is also covered in addition to an array of markets on action from the European game. The Euroleague reads something like a Champions League fixture card, with teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and CSKA Moscow some of the teams to compete. Odds are also available on the British Basketball League and, much like the USA, runsamok on the international basketball scene too, with ample markets on the Olympics to supplement the FIBA World Championships. So next time the sound of rubber soles squeaking on a polished hardwood floor makes you want to place a wager, is the direction is where you need to head.

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Where's The Money Going?

  • 1:55 Goodwood
    27% Stomachion
    11/2 6.50
    17% Sea Shanty
    8/1 9.00
    16% Ajman Bridge
    10/1 11.00
    9% Salutation
    7/1 8.00
    6% Wigmore Hall
    25/1 26.00
  • 2:30 Goodwood
    92% Beacon
    8/11 1.73
    3% Dougal
    14/1 15.00
    2% Fast Act
    14/1 15.00
    2% Mukhmal
    7/1 8.00
    0% Cotai Glory
    3/1 4.00
  • 3:05 Goodwood
    84% Toormore
    13/8 2.62
    12% Gregorian
    10/3 4.33
    2% Garswood
    6/1 7.00
    1% Glory Awaits
    18/1 19.00
    0% Anjaal
    25/1 26.00
  • 3:40 Goodwood
    38% Havana Cooler
    4/1 5.00
    13% Shwaiman
    16/1 17.00
    10% Continuum
    11/1 12.00
    9% Kings Bayonet
    12/1 13.00
    9% Repeater
    10/1 11.00

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